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Big fine awaits controversial Purefoods import Orton after criticizing Pacquiao, officiating



A hefty fine awaits controversial Purefoods Star Hotshots import Daniel Orton, who issued offensive comments regarding the league’s officiating and Manny Pacquiao’s role as playing coach of expansion team Kia Carnival.

Orton, an NBA veteran, was asked to appear at the Commissioner’s Office 1 p.m. on Friday.

The former Orlando Magic stalwart has been criticized by fans on social media for issuing strong statements against Pacquiao, the boxing icon, who became a PBA player following his appointment as playing coach of Kia and being selected by the squad as its first round pick.

On Wednesday night, Pacquiao scored the first point of his PBA career, but Orton wasn’t pleased at all.

“Seriously, it’s a big joke,” said Orton. “This game was a joke. Manny Pacquiao, that’s part of the joke I was talking about. Professional boxer? Okay. Congressman? Alright, but professional basketball player? No. It’s a joke. Seriously, it’s a joke,” Orton told mediamen after the game.

Frustrated at how his game was affected due to foul trouble, Orton then was critical about how the referees officiated the game.

“They made a mockery of the game with the way the referees were handling the calls,” he said. “If this is a physical league, why can’t I be physical? They were letting it at the other end so maybe I can get the same way. But they were calling ticky-tacky fouls on me.”

  • wind

    pacquiao is but a good advertisement for KIA and himself as a politician… to be seen around for election purposes. panalo si pakman either way. that’s how shrewd he has become, he must have a good adviser like chavit singson et al…. as professional basketball player he’s a shame and more shameful for joining in the league of basketball professionals. nanakawan niya ng work yun ibang pwede sana sa league na yan. he’s totally a big yak. Orton is absolutely correct na correct 100%. that’s only in the philippines and it isn’t a joke. it’s a reality! laban ka? mayaman yan, sikat pa at sangdamukal bodyguards, di lang pahalata… jejejeeeeee

    • alvin

      ninanakawan niya ng work? e siya nga nagpapasweldo sa team niya isip2 din. wala ka pake kung ano gusto niya gawin sa buhay niya. ano ingit ka? ahahaha ./.

      • dgimfo

        then kiss pacquiao’s ass alvin hehe

  • Guest

    I will say this about officiating here…I remember watching the playoffs last year and counted over ten 3 second violations and not one was called…I don’t know if they have the 3 second rule here but I was told they did…It’s not like any of these refs could work for the NBA.

    • ConcernedCisMe

      You do not know how to count then. One or two 3 second violation, maybe. But over ten? Hmmm…

  • ريتشارد كاسترو

    joke naman talaga eh anong offensive dun….gahaman na tawag jan…

  • dodo

    i think…gusto lang nya mag laro ng basket… and playing in PBA is a big dream 🙂