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Aura PH punches MPL 6 playoffs ticket



Tiebreaker Times Aura PH punches MPL 6 playoffs ticket ESports Mobile Legends News  RHEA Rafflesia ONIC PH Omega PH NXP Solid MPL-PH Season 6 Killuash kievlj Jaypee Greed_ Cignal Ultra BNK Blufire Bensanity Aura PH

Defending champions Aura PH clinched the first seat in the playoffs after a 2-1 victory over Cignal Ultra, in week five of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League-Philippines.

The victory, along with BNK Blufire’s loss earlier in the day, secured the two-time titleholders the post-season slot.

Jaypee (Ling) and Greed_ (Change) continued their strong showing for yesterday with the former putting up seven kills, a death, and five assists and the latter collecting a 4-1-10 KDA in Game Three.

Up by almost 11,000 in the gold department, Aura PH dove right into the heart of Cignal’s camp.

Rafflesia (Khufra) picked off Bensanity (Jawhead) to finish off the match followed by a Kielvj (Thamuz) kill on Rhea (Silvanna).

From there, Rafflesia zoned out members of Cignal Ultra as Jaypee, Killuash (Khaleed), Kielvj, and Greed_ locked onto the throne.

Killuash added five kills, a death, and five assists while Rafflesia chipped in four kills, three deaths, and 11 assists using his signature hero.

Aura PH upped its tally to 8-1 — still at the top of Group A while also pushing down Cignal at the fourth spot in Group B with a 3-5 card.

Hades (Roger) had four kills, three deaths, and two assists for Cignal.

In other games, SMART Omega PH made quick work of the struggling BNK Blufire, 2-0, while ONIC PH swept Nexplay Solid, 2-0.

Omega PH and ONIC PH forged a two-way tie at the number two spot in Group B with 5-3 cards.

BNK remained winless in nine outings while NXP is still at the third place in Group A with a 4-5 tally.

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