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Ateneo lady shuttlers deny NU upset; take home fifth point



Women’s Singles 1: Patrisha Edrika Malibiran(ADMU) def. Mary Keren Kazziah Cuilao(NU)


Ateneo’s Malibiran opened the day for the defending champions with a 21-10 victory in the set against NU’s Cuilao. She would deny her opponent the chance to bounce back, taking the second set 21-7 and give Ateneo the lead for the day.

Aggregate score: Malibiran- 42, Cuilao- 17

Total match time: 20 mins.


Women’s Singles 2: Ma. Bianca Ysabel Carlos(ADMU) def. Zyrish Camba(NU)


Carlos would give Ateneo the early match lead in only fifteen minutes of play. She took the first game, 21-4, and denied her opponent the chance to equalize, quickly routing Camba with a 21-6 victory, finishing the match in under fifteen minutes.

Aggregate score:Carlos- 42, Camba- 10

Total match time: 15 mins.


Women’s Singles 1: Dia Nicole Magno and Samantha Katrina Santos(ADMU) def. Mary Keren Kazziah Cuilao and Rhianca Lewis(NU)

ADMU 3- 0 NU

The duo from NU would put up a fierce fight with favorites Ateneo. However, Ateneo’s shuttlers would slowly begin to inch away, eventually bagging the first set 21-17. The Ateneo shuttlers opened the second set with a sudden but effective series of swats. With the NU duo’s unable to find a way to stop the bleeding, the Ateneans would eventually pull away, 21-10, and secure the day’s victory for the defending champions.

Aggregate score: Magno and Santos- 42, Cuilao and Lawis- 27

Total match time: 20 mins.


Women’s Singles 2: Jhayvin May Dizon and Loverly Dezelle Magallano(NU) def. Shawntel Nieto and Janelle Gloriane de Vera(ADMU)


The duo of Dizon and Magno were off to a hot start, taking the first set 21-16, giving NU their first game victory of the day. A fired up Nieto would however explode in the second set, scoring 13 points and holding their opponents to six to close out the second set with a 21-6 victory and force the tiebreaker. Momentum would however tilt in favor of NU’s shuttlers, with a late rally boosting them to the 21-16 victory and give NU their sole match point in the women’s tournament for the day.

Aggregate score: Dizon and Magallano- 48, Nieto and de Vera- 53

Total match time: 35 mins


Women’s Singles 3: Cassandra Grace Lim(ADMU) def. Loverly Dezelle Magallano(NU)


Ateneo’s Lim would open the final match with yet another blowout game for Ateneo, 21-5. Though her opponent Magallano would pull together and manage to find the better stroke, a late rally by Lim would boost her to the 21-14 victory in the second set, after only fifteen minutes.

Aggregate score: Lim- 42, Magallano- 19

Total match time: 15 mins 

Total games won: Ateneo-9, NU- 2