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AK forges two-way tie with Doujin for The Nationals Tekken 7 pole



Tiebreaker Times AK forges two-way tie with Doujin for The Nationals Tekken 7 pole ESports News Tekken  Vermillion The Nationals Season 2 STI EOlympians Smart Omega Playbook Laus Esports Pica NatureLover Mawts Maru Jules Happy Feet Emperors Hapon Doujin Don Argus Coffee_Prinz Cignal Ultra BREN Esports AK

Laus Auto Group Playbook Eagles’ AK and Doujin sit on top of the leaderboard after the fourth day of The Nationals’ Season Two Tekken 7 group stage, Thursday.

AK — who won a silver medal in the recent Southeast Asian Games — swept STI Eolympians’ Rakenrol 3-1, 3-2; and Happy Feet Emperor’s Coffee_Prinz! 3-0, 3-2.

He used Paul in all of his matches, improving his tally to 15-4 and tying Doujin in the number one spot with 20 points.

Doujin, on the other hand, defeated SEO’s Don Argus playing Xiaoyu, 3-2, 3-2, and HFE’s Hapon, 3-1, 3-1, using Lee.

The bronze medalist of the 30th SEA Games finished the day with a 14-1 card for 20 points.

With the LPE duo locked in at number one, BREN Epro’s Maru claimed the second spot after victories against Smart Omega bets Pica, 2-3, 3-0, 3-1; and Jules, 3-0, 3-2.

Maru fielded in Leeroy against Pica and Fakumram in the second series against Jules. He ended day four with a 14-7 slate goos for 17 points.

Cignal Ultra Warriors’ Vermillion reclaimed the third seed with an 11-7 slate for 15 points.

HFE’s Hapon, meanwhile, placed fourth with a 12-6 win-loss standing, accumulating 14 points. On the other hand, CUW’s NatureLover had 10 points and an 8-11 card for the fifth spot.

SMO’s Pica (8-11) capped day four with nine points, capturing the sixth seat, while BRE’s Mawts (8-12) had eight points in the seventh seed.

SEO’s Don Argus (6-14) tied with HFE’s Coffee_Prinz (6-15) at eight with six points apiece.

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SEO’s Rakenrol (5-15) was dead-last with five points.