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ADMU Blue Shuttlers complete their weekend sweep with a 5-0 victory over ADU



Court 3: 


Strong performances from Nicole Filart and Patrick Natividad set the tone for the Blue Shuttlers to defeat their opponents from Adamson. Ateneo is now in 3rd place with their 4 – 1 score, behind NU and DLSU, while Adamson’s 1 win puts them in 6th.


Men’s Singles 1: Nicole Clarence Filart (ADMU) def. Johnric Macabenta (ADU) 2:0

ADMU 1 – ADU 0


Filart started the game on a high note, outscoring his opponent 10 – 1 in the 1st set. Macabenta tried to close the gap in scoring, bringing the lead down to 8 at 16 – 8, but it woud be futile as Filart would end the set, 21 – 9. Filart would jump to an early lead again at the start of the 2nd set, taking an 11 – 4 lead. Macabenta would once again try to close the gap, scoring 4 points to the 2 of Filart, getting the lead down to 5 at 13 – 8. Unfortunately for Macabenta, Filart would go on another run by scoring 3 straight points, and eventually scoring another 5 straight to close the set, 21 – 10.


Aggregate score: Filart 42 – Macabenta 19

Total match time: 25 mins.


Men’s Singles 2:  Patrick Wilfred Natividad (ADMU) def. Ruben Haramel (ADU) 2:0

ADMU 2 – ADU 0


Natividad overwhelmed his opponent early in the 1st set, taking a 7 – 2 lead until Haramel scored his 3rd point of the match. This would be Haramel’s last point for quite a while as Natividad went on an amazing 12 point run to get the score to 19 – 3.  Haramel would fight back by scoring 4 points of his own, but would eventually lose to Natividad, 21 – 7. The 2nd set would start out much better for Haramel as he would take a 2-point lead at 4 – 6. Sadly for him, Natividad would go on ANOTHER 12 point run. The 10-point lead would eventually balloon to 12 at 19 – 7, and there would be nothing Haramel could do to deny Natividad a victory, 21 – 10.


Aggregate score: Natividad 42 – Haramel 17

Total match time: 25 mins.


Men’s Doubles 1: Theodore Christpher co and Justin Wilbert Natividad (ADMU) def. Keith Reyes and Edwin John Viloria (ADU) 2:0

ADMU 3 – ADU 0 (ADMU wins)


Things would start out well for the duo from Adamson, as they would take an early 3 – 6 lead over their opponents from Katipunan. Both teams would battle it out, with Adamson able to increase their lead slightly to 5 at 12 – 17. Co would then go on his own scoring binge with 6 straight points to finally put the Ateneans up, 18 – 17. The game would eventually tie at 19 all, but Co would once again put his team on his shoulders and score 2 straight to earn the victory 21 – 19. The beginning of the 2nd set turned out better for the Atenean club, as they would jump out to a 9 – 3 lead over Adamson. Adamson would try to claw back as they would lower the gap to just 4 at 15 – 11. ADMU would bounce back and once again increase their lead to 8, the largest for this set, at 20 – 12. They would eventually go on to win, 21 – 18.


Aggregate score: Co (23) Natividad (19) – Reyes (15) Viloria (22) 37

Total match time: 30 mins.


Men’s Doubles 2: Patrick Gecosala and Patrick Wilfred Natividad (ADMU) def. Gerloth Delizo and Jerome Pechera (ADU) 2:0

ADMU 4 – ADU 0 (ADMU wins)


The 1st set had Natividad continue his hot play during his singles match, as he went on a 9-point run to get his team up by 8 at 11 – 3. The Adamson pair would eventually lessen the gap, they would never really challenge Ateneo’s victory, as the Ateneans would win, 21 – 10. Gecosala and Natividad would both go on 3-point runs early in the 2nd set to lead 6 – 1 over Adamson. Adamson would find it difficult to score, as the lead of Ateneo would balloon to 9 at 15 – 6. There would be nothing the pair from Adamson could do as they would eventually fall, 21 – 10.


Aggregate score: Gecosala (19) Natividad (23) – Delizo (8) Pechero (12)

Total match time: 20 mins.


Men’s Singles 3: Carlo Glen Remo (ADMU) def. Beam Cabilan (ADU) 2:0

ADMU 5 – ADU 0 (ADMU wins)


It would be a close affair to start the 1st, as neither team would gain a significant lead over their opponent. Cabilan would gain a 2-point lead at 5 – 7, but 4 consecutive points from Remo would give him the lead for good. Remo would eventually go on a 9-point outing, setting him up for a 21 – 11 victory. Things would not get any better for Cabilan as Remo would go on a 7-point run to start the 2nd. The lead would increase to 14 at 20 – 6. Cabilan would eventually fall, 21 – 7.


Aggregate score: Remo (42) Cabilan (18)

Total match time: 25 mins.


Aggregate sets won: ADMU 10 – ADU 0


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