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2014 Far Eastern University UAAP Men’s Basketball Primer




2013 Roster:
Joshua Dave Aguilon, Rey Mark Belo, Carl Bryan Cruz, Jeson Delfinado, Augus Vince Denila, Ron Marvis Dennison, Ryan Roose Garcia, Anthony Hargrove, Jr., Alejandra Antonio Inigo, Jr., Raymar Jose, Joel Christian Lee Yu, Jovanie Luz, Jr., Gryann Mendoza, Roger Ray Pogo, Terrence Bill Romeo, Christian Sentcheu and Cris Michael Tolomia

Season 76 Standing:
3rd place (10-4, lost to DLSU Semifinals)

Pomp and Circumstance:
Joshua Dave Aguilon, Ryan Roose Garcia, Jovanie Luz, Jr., Gryann Mendoza, Terence Romeo and Christian Sentcheu

Stats Don’t Lie:
Lost 41.58 PPG, 7.9 APG, 18.59 RPG, 2.68 SPG and 2.01 BPG

Returns and Additions:
Russell Escoto, Billy Joe Belga, Joel Lee Yu, Augus Denila, Arnie Padilla, Jason David, Richard Escoto, Francis Tamsi and Reeve Ugsang

Projected 2014 Depth Chart:

CAnthony Hargrove (5th)Russell Escoto (5th)Reeve Ugsang (1st)
FMark Belo (3rd)Raymar Jose (3rd)Richard Escoto (1st)
FCarl Cruz (5th)Roger Pogoy (4th)Billy Joe Belga (1st) Arnie Padilla (1st)
G Mike Tolomia (4th)Francis Tamsi (1st)Jeson Delfinado (3rd) Joel Lee Yu (1st)
G Aji Inigo (3rd)Jason David (1st)Ron Dennison (2nd) Augus Denila (1st)

Pre-Season Standing:
Premiere Cup
Quarterfinals, Eliminated by the DLSU Green Archers (6-0 Group B, 2nd seed)

The Wire Says:

Rebuild? What is that?
Some teams are probably going to need to rebuild when they lose two former league Most Valuable Players, but not this team! In an alternate universe, the loss of both Ryan Roose Garcia and Terence Romeo to the pros would hurt a team’s chances of making the following year’s Final Four. Not in this universe! The starting five of the Tams are as terrifying as ever. To add to that they still have this guy…

Tolomia Unleashed
This season, we are guaran-damn-teeing that Mike Tolomia will be unleashed especially under Coach Nash Racela’s dribble-drive offense. Tolomia was on fire during the Premiere Cup averaging 17.33 points and 5.83 assists per game during the group stages.

We can’t wait for the July 30 game at Mall of Asia Arena! Battle of the East 2014 Round 1! Tolomia vs. Sumang! While we are at it, we should make this trend on July 30. #BeastsoftheEast. Make it trend guys!

The Other Guys
Mark Belo drastically improved during the off-season with his stints at Sinag Pilipinas and the Premiere Cup. During the summer tournament, we vividly remember Belo’s hard drives with the goal of dunking on someone. Come to think of it, do the Tams have some sort of serum that they extracted from Mac Baracael and injected it into Mac Belo?

The other guy who we are projecting to have a solid outing this season is Roger Pogoy. We were surprised during the Premiere Cup to see that he was the primary ball handler for the Tams’ second unit. It was like seeing a mini-Buenafe (no pun intended). Until the other seven teams figure out how to stop Pogoy drive-and-kick, that move will be the bread and butter for the second unit of the Tamaraws.

Point Guard Factory
We have one question though? Where does the Far Eastern University get these point guards?! They are like a point guard factory! Jason David and Francis Tansi would surely provide firepower off the bench for the Tams. It’s crazy how they manage to find good floor generals. For the last decade, they had Marc Barroca, Jens Knuttel, Chris Exciminiano, Ryan Roose Garcia and Terence Romeo. All quality point guards, all former Tamaraws. Mike Tolomia, Aji Inigo, Jason David and Francis Tamsi are the torch-bearers for this great lineage.

Parting Shot
Finally, thank god Russell Escoto’s back and he looked really good during the Premiere Cup (no homo). God Bless Russell Escoto!

P.S. July 30 #BeastsoftheEast

Nicole Yu
Philippine Sports News - Tiebreaker Times 2014 Far Eastern University UAAP Men’s Basketball Primer News

Predicted Ranking
Editor-in-Chief: 3rd
TieBreaker Times Staff: 2nd

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