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VALORANT releases new agent Deadlock

VALORANT, Riot Games’ tactical shooter game, has introduced a new agent named Deadlock.

Deadlock is a Norwegian operative equipped with state-of-the-art nanowire technology, allowing her to fortify the battlefield against even the most lethal assaults.

“Our goal with Deadlock’s gameplay was to create an Agent who can actively hold their ground using utility, rather than relying solely on pre-set setups,” explained Game Designer Alexander Mistakidis when discussing Deadlock.

“We aimed to appeal to players who value adaptability and the ability to adjust their plays and strategies based on information about their opponents.”

Her first ability (C), called Gravnet, involves throwing a grenade that detonates upon impact, forcing any caught enemies to crouch and move at a slower pace.

Deadlock’s second ability (Q), Sonic Sensor, functions as a monitoring device that detects enemy sounds in a specific area. If footsteps, weapon fire, or significant noise is detected, it concusses the area, disorienting any foes within.

She also possesses Barrier Mesh (E), where she throws a disc that generates barriers upon landing, impeding enemy movement.

Finally, her ultimate skill (X) is Nanowire Accelerator, a crowd control ability that ensnares the first enemy it touches, encasing them in a cocoon. The cocooned enemy is then pulled along a path of nanowires and will perish if they reach the end, unless they are freed.

The nanowire cocoon can be destroyed.

Players will be able to access Deadlock and her unique abilities starting from June 27th.

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