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UST completes the 2nd round with a 6-1 record



The paddlers from the University of Santo Tomas finished the second round with a 6-1 record, second only to defending champions De la Salle University who were unbeaten in the second round.

UST vs DLSU(0-1)

The Tigers would find themselves opening their second round campaign against undisputed powerhouses La Salle at nine in the morning. Despite a feisty showing, UST’s Enriquez, Ablanque, and doubles partners Bazar and Pantoja would bow out in the three opening matches, 0-3, 2-3, and 1-3.

UST vs ADMU (1-1)

Though UST’s Tunay would bow out in the first match against Ateneo’s Uy, the next three matches would all belong to the Tigers, with Ablanque, the duo of Alberto Bazar and Pantoja, and Adolfo Bazar dominating their respective assignments, all with 3-0 records.

UST vs AdU (2-1)

The first match go to Adamson’s Rarama, but the Thomasians would go on to dominate the next three matches, with Adolfo Bazar, doubles partners Alberto Bazar and Pantoja, and Ablanque prevailing in their assignments, 3-1, 3-0, and 3-0.

UST vs UE (3-1)

The Season 75 champs would find that the paddlers from host school UE were no pushovers. The two squads would split the first four matches, with the first and third matches going to UE’s Ramos and doubles tandem Benoya and Vasquez and the second and fourth matches going to UST’s Alberto Bazar and Abelanque. It was the Tigers however who would walk away with the win, with Abendan finally putting an end to the saga with a victory over UE’s Baresa in four sets.

UST vs NU(4-1)

The UST streak would finally be put to the test against the feisty NU. The first and fourth matches would go to NU’s Misal and Carracoso, while the second and third matches would go to UST’s Adolfo Bazar and the duo of Alberto Bazar and Pantoja. It was UST who would eventually bag the point, with Enriquez routing opponent in four sets to close out the matchup with the victory for Santo Tomas.

UST vs UP (5-1)

The Tigers would find themselves in a crucial match-up against slumping favorites UP. UST’s Enriquez would prevail over UP’s Chua in heated five set match, but UP’s de Jesus would bounce back in the second match over Adolfo Bazar. The next two matches would however go to the Tigers in lopsided fashion, with Alberto Bazar and partner Pantoja taking the doubles match 3-1, and Ablanque taking the fourth match against UP’s Victorio 3-0.

UST vs. FEU (6-1)

The Tigers would manage to dominate the encounter with the paddlers from Morayta in only three sets. UST’s Abdendan, Ablanque, and doubles tandem Bazar and Pantoja would all prevail in their assignments with records of 3-1, 3-0, and 3-2.

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