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SMART Sports increases support to Philippine bowling, badminton



Tiebreaker Times SMART Sports increases support to Philippine bowling, badminton Badminton Bowling News POC/PSC SMART Sports  Philippine Bowling Federation Philippine Badminton Association Epok Quimpo
Bowling's Krizziah Tabora [photo from] and Badminton's Alyssa Leonardo

With a new era dawning for Philippine sports, SMART Sports has been looking for ways to ease the Philippine Olympic Committee’s transition to its new leaders.

“Basically, given that the administration of the POC is now headed by president Ricky Vargas and chairman Tolentino, after a couple of weeks, we have already seen some of their plans,” said SMART Sports head Christopher Quimpo. “As one of the patrons of Philippine sports, Smart is committed to support Mr. Vargas and Chairman Bambol with regards to whatever way we can support them.

“They have the same vision we carry which is to uplift the level of Philippine sports and represent the country in the international level. Nakikiisa ang Smart sa kanila,” he added.

SMART has targeted two NSAs that they will be supporting for the year.

Known as a staunch supporter for basketball and amateur boxing, the company is heavily investing in bowling, through the Philippine Bowling Federation, and badminton, which is under the Philippine Badminton Association.

Currently, World Cup Champion Krizziah Tabora and the Philippine Bowling Team are preparing for the upcoming 2nd Philippine International Bowling Open and the 2018 Asian Games.

On the other hand, SMART is looking to unify the fragmented Philippine Badminton scene.

“The top two sports we are helping are bowling and badminton. We will do this with the MVP Sports Foundation and try to be able to implement and provide support to the NSAs to deploy and mount the support they need for their competitions,” disclosed Quimpo.

“For bowling, it’s going to be for their international competitions. For badminton, it will be a national approach.”

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