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REPORTS: G League to put Ignite in bubble tourney



Tiebreaker Times REPORTS: G League to put Ignite in bubble tourney Basketball NBA Philippines News  Princepal Singh Kai Sotto Jonathan Kuminga Jalen Green Isaiah Todd Daishen Nix 2020-21 NBA G-League Season

What’s next for G League Ignite?

According to a report by Shams Charamia of The Athletic, the team headlined by Jalen Green and Kai Sotto is set to compete in a bubble tournament from November to December.

“The NBA G League is seriously discussing tournament featuring the elite Ignite team — led by Jalen Green and Jonathan Kuminga — and other teams (undrafted players, etc.) in a bubble environment in November/December,” read Charamia’s tweet.

“Decisions are still fluid.”

For the past month, Ignite, a team consisting of the brightest young prospects, has been training under head coach Brian Shaw in a facility in California.

Composing the team are Green, Sotto, Daishen Nix, Isaiah Todd, Jonathan Kuminga, and Princepal Singh.

Unlike the other squads in the G League, Ignite is unaffiliated with an NBA team. Instead, the program is focused on developing the prospects for the 2021 NBA Draft.

The G League plans has vowed that Ignite will compete in 10 to 12 games this season against other NBA G League teams and international clubs.

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