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Opti delivers in clutch, tows Berserker to PUBG National crown



Tiebreaker Times Opti delivers in clutch, tows Berserker to PUBG National crown ESports News PUBG  Opti Kyuubi Dos Blacklist International Berserker Almost Evil Adrastos All-Star Team Puyat 2020 PUBG Mobile Philippine National Championship

Opti’s clutch kill in the final map handed Berserker the PUBG Mobile Philippine National Championship title, earning it a slot in the PMCO Fall Split 2020: Southeast Asia Wildcard. 

With only three players remaining in the Erangel map, Opti and teammate Kyuubi ganged up on Almost Evil Adrastos’ Dos.

The last man standing from AEA almost wielded the upset axe on the Berserker, downing Kyuubi and turning the match into a one-on-one showdown. However, Opti was able to find Dos underneath the bush, firing and handing his squad the championship.

Opti tallied five kills and put up a total of 680 damage, which won him the Most Valuable Player award in the final match. Kyuubi also had five kills across his name, while Uno and Shazaaam added one kill apiece.

The team used up 30 smokes, nine grenades, along with a total damage output of 2,179. Berserker ended the grand finals with two chicken dinners along with 76 kill points and 138 placement points.

Blacklist International placed second in the tournament with three chicken dinners, 61 kill points, and 138 placement points. Meanwhile, AEA settled for the third spot with one chicken dinner, 34 kill points, and 120 placement points.

Completing the top four is All-Star Team Puyat, who capped off the tourney without a chicken dinner. The team, however, had 43 kill points and 91 placement points.

All four squads will be competing in the Southeast Asia Wildcard which will be held on September 12.

Already qualified were Original Gamers, Xcripted iO, Yangon Galacticos, and Xcripted — all coming from the Myanmar qualifiers.

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Eight slots are still up for grabs, depending on the outcome of the last two qualifiers.

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