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Katrina Guytingco finds basketball home in Ateneo

Lady Eagle Katrina Guytingco shares why she chose to play for Ateneo




Ateneo women’s basketball rookie Katrina Guytingco had lived in Pleasant Hill, California her entire life, although the time came she had to make a decision to move to the Philippines to pursue a basketball career.

There were doubts at first over how the move to the Philippines would affect her future, though Guytingco says she always felt something inside her that made her push through. And since the Philippines is obsessed with hoops, it convinced her even more to move even if her parents were doubtful at first.

“It was a quick decision. It was a YOLO moment and I wanted to keep playing basketball which is why I came here. I felt something deep inside was pushing me to go here even if my parents were totally against it at first,” she said. “I really wanted to experience coming to the Philippines and study here. Given the opportunity to play basketball, I wanted to come over even more because in the United States I was not able to continue to play basketball,” Guytingco shared.

The first year forward from College Park High School developed her passion for hoops when she was still young.

“I started on the streets. My dad bought me to a court, gave me a ball, and I started playing. Then he started signing for Sunday leagues,” Guytingco shared.

Her father used to play basketball too, which got her involved even more.

Philippine Sports News - Tiebreaker Times Katrina Guytingco finds basketball home in Ateneo

Prior to deciding to transfer to the Philippines permanently, Guytingco regularly visited for vacation. Her relatives are based in Manila and Pampanga.

In the end, it was a decision she was happy to make. Now having been in the country for some time, Guytingco says her long-term goal is to help the team win a championship or make the Final Four, and if an opportunity comes to play hoops even after college, she would happily pursue it.

“I am liking my stay maybe except for the heat and traffic,” Guytingco said, laughing. “Ateneo is such a great school. If the opportunity comes for me to continue (playing) then I’ll go for it.”

“Our goal is to win a championship. I want to try my best to help my team get to the Final Four.”

Ateneo Lady Eagle Amy Ahomiro of the volleyball team shares a similar story. She had no idea how her future would pan out when the New Zealander moved to the Philippines back in 2007.

All she carried was an immense passion for volleyball, and she found herself ending up in blue and white as she made the Loyola side’s volleyball team. She would eventually win two titles with the Lady Eagles and win Finals MVP in Season 77, establishing a name in the local sports scene.

Like Ahomiro, Guytingco took a risk that proved a life-changer. With a new home in which she can finally play the sport she loves, the future looks even better for the young forward.

“People don’t understand why I love it here but I don’t know, the people are just so welcoming in Ateneo and I felt very welcomed. Transitioning was easy because my teammates helped me and my parents have been so helpful. They stayed with me to help me settle,” Guytingco shared.

Philippine Sports News - Tiebreaker Times Katrina Guytingco finds basketball home in Ateneo

“I love how people love basketball here and it is also a big factor that made me come here. The people here love their basketball.”

There is truly no place like home.

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