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FEU Lady Shuttlers dominate NU, 5-0.

The Ladies from FEU came out strong and never let up on the pressure as they came home to win all 5 of their matches without dropping a set.

FEU-Duquilla-1024x682 FEU Lady Shuttlers dominate NU, 5-0. News  - philippine sports news

FEU’s Duquilla

Women’s Singles 1: Michal Dei Duquilla (FEU) def. Loverly Magallano (NU) 2:0
FEU 1 – NU 0

Magallano started well, outscoring Duquilla 1 – 3, but Duquilla regained her poise and quickly took the lead, 11 – 6. Magallano rallied and managed to get the deficit down to 1 point at 12 – 11. This did not deter Duquilla as she eventually outscored, and outduelled her opponent to a 21 – 16 victory for the first set. The second set was not as close, as Duquilla went on a torrid 8 – 3 run to start the game. The lead ballooned to 18 – 5 as Magallano was not able to respond. The set ended with a lopsided score of 21 – 7.

Aggregate score: Duquilla (FEU) 42 – Magallano (NU) 23
Total match time: 20 mins

FEU-Pomar-1024x682 FEU Lady Shuttlers dominate NU, 5-0. News  - philippine sports news

FEU’s Pomar

Women’s Singles 2: Marle Pomar (FEU) def. Kazziah Cuilao (NU) 2:0
FEU 2 – NU 0

NU’s scoring woes continued to the 2nd singles as Pomar scored the first 5 points against Cuilao. Cuilao was able to score the next 3, but the lead was never in jeopardy as Pomar took the first set, 21 – 15. The only difference between the 1st and 2nd set was that Cuilao actually took the lead during the 2nd. Up 10 – 12, Cuilao would eventually lose the lead, as Pomar would go on an 11 – 2 run, giving her the victory, 21 – 14.

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Aggregate score: Pomar (FEU) 42 – Cuilao (NU) 29
Total match time: 25 mins

FEU-Pomar-Tudtud-1024x682 FEU Lady Shuttlers dominate NU, 5-0. News  - philippine sports news

FEU’s Pomar & Tudtud

Women’s Doubles 1: Marie Pomar and Hannah Tudtud (FEU) def. Jhayvin Dizon and Zyrish Camba (NU) 2:0
FEU 3 – NU 0 (FEU wins)

An early 6 – 4 lead for the ladies from FEU was ballooned by 7 straight points from Tudtud. Unable to cope with the deficit, the NU squad was unable to catch up and they dropped the first set, 21 – 13. Things didn’t get any better for NU as the second set started with a 9 – 3 run for FEU. NU would sputter a couple of points here and there, but they would not be able to stage a comeback. FEU would win, 21 – 11.

Aggregate score: Pomar (18) Tudtud (24) 42 – Dizon (13) Camba (11) 24
Total match time: 25 mins

FEU-Rivera-Duquilla-1024x682 FEU Lady Shuttlers dominate NU, 5-0. News  - philippine sports news

FEU’s Rivera and Duquilla

Women’s Doubles 2: Mridel Rivera and Michal Dei Duquilla (FEU) def. Kazziah Cuilao and Loverly Magallano (NU) 2:0
FEU 4 – NU 0 (FEU wins)

The start of the first set appeared to be a duel between Duquilla and Magallano. With the score tied at 1 apiece, Duquilla was able to notch 4 straight points for FEU. In response, Magallano tallied 4 points of her own, tying the game at 5 all. No team would be able to gain the edge afterwards as the game was eventually tied at 9. This was when Duquilla went on a scoring rampage, scoring the next 8 out of 9 points for FEU, while NU was only able to score 2 during that span. With FEU ahead, 18 – 11, NU never really challenged them as they went on to win, 21 – 16. The 2nd set was an even bigger letdown for the NU squad as they were outscored 12 – 2 by FEU, 11 of those points came from Duquilla. There was not much Cuilao and her partner could do as they dropped the set, 21 – 7.

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Aggregate score: Rivera (10) Duquilla (32) – Cuilao (11) Magallano (12) 23
Total match time: 20

FEU-Tudtud-1024x682 FEU Lady Shuttlers dominate NU, 5-0. News  - philippine sports news

FEU’s Tudtud

Women’s Singles 3: Hannah Tudtud (FEU) def. Zyrish Camba (NU) 2:0
FEU 5 – NU 0 (FEU wins)

Wishing to complete the sweep over NU, Tudtud came out strong in the 1st set. She went on a 9 – 4 run at the start of the game, and followed it up with an even better, 9 – 3 trip. This put her firmly in the lead at 18 – 7. Camba would only score 2 more points, as Tudtud would take the 1st set, 21 – 9. Camba would not fare any better during the 2nd set as Tudtud went on an early 9 – 3 run. Tudtud would eventually complete the FEU sweep over NU with a 21 – 10 victory.

Aggregate score: Tudtud (FEU) 42 – Camba (NU) 19
Total match time: 25 mins

Aggregate sets won: FEU 10 – NU 0

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