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Best of 2017: Chooks-to-Go’s Manok ng Bayan mission



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Last December 5, 2016, Chooks-to-Go went on a mission: to support the journey of the Filipino Athlete.

It started with Gilas Pilipinas and it branched out to other sports like triathlon and volleyball.

Though there were heartbreaks along the way, it made the victories that much sweeter.

But the journey is far from over as the mission has yet to be accomplished. We believe that the best has yet to come.

Come 2018, Chooks-to-Go plans to be louder and more resilient.

The brand will continue to support Gilas Pilipinas and Nikko Huelgas. In addition, it has renewed its sponsorship with the Philippine Superliga and is looking to partner up with the National Basketball Training Center.

As Filipinos, we will continue to show the world what PUSO is all about!

This is the Manok ng Bayan mission.