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‘Speedy Bagal’ Reymar Caduyac continues to amaze Topex Robinson



Tiebreaker Times 'Speedy Bagal' Reymar Caduyac continues to amaze Topex Robinson Basketball LPU NCAA News  Topex Robinson Reymar Caduyac NCAA Season 94 Seniors Basketball NCAA Season 94 Lyceum Seniors Basketball

Reymar Caduyac may not be the most athletic nor is the most flashiest among the current batch of Lyceum Pirates. But he definitely is the biggest x-factor in their title hopes.

Caduyac, who is a 6-foot-1 combo guard, is an anomaly in the guard position. Though he could not outrun his fellow guards, he can back them down and overpower them.

And his combination of power and basketball IQ is still mind-boggling for Topex Robinson even if Caduyac has been with Lyceum for the last three years.

“The things he does in games, I don’t see them in practice. He’s always full of surprises. It’s just a blessing to have somebody like him,” said Robinson, who himself played the point guard position in the pros.

“Wala ngang naniniwalang point guard siya, cause he’s really slow, super slow.”

But over the last two years, Caduyac’s relationship with Lyceum has been a love-hate one. Sometimes he’ll make the biggest of plays while in other times, he’ll succumb to the pressure — just like last season’s Finals.

It is what it is for Robinson and Caduyac as the uncertainty he brings game in and game out is an adventure in itself.

“It’s about trust. Trusting he’s gonna make big shots, big-time decisions, and trusting also that he’s gonna mess up.

“It has to be a two-way street for us, for me to earn their trust, I have to do the same for them,” quipped Robinson.

Against the CSB Blazers Thursday afternoon, Caduyac showed the good in what he brings to the table, scoring eight points in the final frame — six in the final two minutes — to prevent a Benilde hijack and hand Lyceum that twice-to-beat incentive after a 77-64 victory. And he used his wits and strength to confuse the Blazers backcourt.

“I call him ‘Speedy Bagal’ because his timing is really is super smart.

“What he lacked in physical ability as far as speed, he makes up for it by being smart,” shared Robinson about Caduyac, who is averaging 5.8 points, 3.4 assists, and 2.2 rebounds in 18.3 minutes so far this season.