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NU continues to dominate badminton tournament with sweep over UE



Court 5:


Once again, NU showed why they are the number 1 team this tournament with a 5 -0 win over UE without dropping a set. The scary part? No match lasted longer than 30 minutes.


Men’s Singles 1: Rosleenard Pedrosa (NU) def. Lorenz Allan Gatpolintan (UE) 2:0

NU 1 – UE 0


Pedrosa went on an early 10 – 2 lead the Gatpolintan was never able to recover from. They would trade points for a while, but with the score at 17 – 8, Pedrosa would go on a 4-point run that would win him the 1st set. Pedrosa was just as dominant in the 2nd set as he started with 9 consecutive points. He would allow his opponent to score 2 points, but Pedrosa would then go on another run with 5 straight points. Pedrosa would take the 2nd set easily, 21 – 8.


Aggregate score: Pedrosa (42) – Gatpolintan (16)

Total match time: 30 mins.


Men’s Singles 2: Alvin Morada (NU) def. Arman Joseph Manlalangit (UE) 2:0

NU 2 – UE 0


Morada would take an early 8 – 5 lead, but 4 straight points would allow the UE player to take the lead from him. The game would go onto an 11-point tie that Morada would break by scoring 8 straight points. He would eventually win the set, 21 – 12. Manlalangit didn’t fare any better in the 2nd set as his opponent would lead by 8 points early on at 12 – 4. The lead would balloon to 11 at 16 – 5, and while Manlalangit would try to catch up, the result of the match was never in question. Morada would take the victory, 21 – 11.


Aggregate score: Morada (42) – Manlalangit (23)

Total match time: 20 mins.


Men’s Doubles 1: Peter Gabriel Magnaye and Philip Joper Escueta (NU) def. Jose Luiz Emmanuel Gomez and Ramon Lorenzo Guerrero (UE) 2:0

NU 3 – UE 0 (NU wins)

 Tiebreaker Times NU continues to dominate badminton tournament with sweep over UE News

Nu would dominate the 1st set by going up 13 – 3 to start the game. The scoring difference would prove too much for the UE squad as they would eventually fall, 21 – 8. Just like the 1st set, NU would go up early on 8 – 3. They would push the lead up to 8 at 14 – 6, and would eventually lead by 11 at 20 – 9. NU would effortlessly take the match, 21 – 10.


Aggregate score: Magnaye (21) Escueta (21) – Gomez (9) Guerrero (9)

Total match time: 29 mins.


Men’s Doubles 2: Alvin Morada and Rosleenard Pedrosa (NU) def. John Kenneth Cruz and Arman Joseph Manlalangit (UE) 2:0

NU 4 – UE 0 (NU wins)

 Tiebreaker Times NU continues to dominate badminton tournament with sweep over UE News

UE would start out strong early on, going on a 3 – 8 lead over NU. They would be able to push the lead to 6 at 11 – 17, but 7 consecutive points from Moarada would give the lead to NU at 18 – 17. They would trade points until the score would be tied at 19 all. Morada would proceed to finish the set for his team with 2 consecutive points, ending the set with an NU win, 21 – 19. In the 2nd set, NU would take the early lead with a 4 – 1 score. UE would crawl back to bring the deficit down to 1 at 7 – 6, but 3 straight points from NU would bring the lead further out of UE’s grasp. NU would increase the lead to 7 by going up 15 – 8 on 5 consecutive points from Morada. UE would try to catch up with 4 successive points from Manlalangit, but they would never catch up. NU would win, 21 – 15.


Aggregate score: Morada (25) Pedrosa (17) 42 – Cruz (16) Manlalangit (18) 34

Total match time: 19 mins.


Men’s Singles 3: Peter Gabriel Magnaye (NU) def. Ramon Lorenzo Guerrero (UE) 2:0

NU 5 – UE 0

 Tiebreaker Times NU continues to dominate badminton tournament with sweep over UE News

Guerrero started well early on, taking a 1 – 4 lead over Magnaye. But then, Magnaye went on a 10 – 2 run that gave him the lead at 11 – 6. He would never look back as he would outscore his opponent, 10 – 3 to take the victory, 21 – 9. For the 2nd set, it was Magnaye’s turn to set the tone early on by going on a 4-point run.            Guerrero would fight back to tie the game at 5, but Magnaye would once a gain blitz his opponent for a 14 – 2 run. With things out of hand, Guerrero would fall to his opponent, 21 – 11.


Aggregate score: Magnaye (42) – Guerrero (20)

Total match time: 28 mins.


Aggregate sets won: NU 10 – UE 0


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