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Hoop Nut One-on-One: Can the best college teams beat the worst PBA teams?

Rolly Mendoza
The elimination round of the PBA is already past the midway point of the All-Filipino Conference but three teams have two wins or less. I was wondering if it is possible for the best teams in college basketball from the UAAP and NCAA to beat a professional team in a 7-game series?

Enzo Flojo
Oh, I know how this goes. So, say, can Kia, Blackwater, and maybe Barako get beaten by, say, San Beda, DLSU, AdMU, FEU, or NU?

Off the top of my head, in a 7-game series, I think a really good college team can beat, say, Manny P’s Kia two or three times, especially if Pacquiao plays haha!

Rolly Mendoza

10350448_567196953425124_179943952909091924_n Hoop Nut One-on-One: Can the best college teams beat the worst PBA teams?  - philippine sports news

On Pac-Algieri: It was super one-sided

Whoa! Lay off the PacMan bashing for a little bit, since he pulverized Chris Algieri as expected. Hehe

A professional team should still win a 7-game series vs ANY college/amateur team because of their supposed advantage in physicality, coaching, and training time. Pros live and breathe basketball, while college guys are expected to still study (ideally). But if it was a one game knockout format, the pros better watch out.

Enzo Flojo
Sorry I had to clean up the cornbits that I spat on the ground after reading how college ballers are supposed to study.

On Pac-Algieri: It was super one-sided, which Manny shouldn’t be surprised about because that’s pretty much what happens in every Kia game anyway.

I agree about how a pro team SHOULD beat any college amateur team, but in the case of Kia and Blackwater, that notion can be challenged because, well, of the following:

PCCL-SBC-AU-6-1024x645 Hoop Nut One-on-One: Can the best college teams beat the worst PBA teams?  - philippine sports news

Ola Adeogun

Ola Adoegun/AVO > any Kia/Blackwater big
Pic5-1024x734 Hoop Nut One-on-One: Can the best college teams beat the worst PBA teams?  - philippine sports newsMac Belo/Troy Rosario > any Kia/Blackwater forward
Kiefer Ravena/Jeron Teng> any Kia/Blackwater wingman

And, again, c’mon, if Pac-Man plays? Wow, it’ll be a joke.

Rolly Mendoza
On a side note: Manny won decisively which is a good thing although, he did not deliver the expected knockout punch that he also predicted.

Anyway, back to the topic… Since you focused on expansion teams like Kia and Blackwater, it can be argued that they have rosters that are similar to college players in skills and abilities. Thus, premier players in the UAAP/NCAA can and will be able to defeat these expansion teams.

Now, can their UAAP/NCAA school teams defeat a pro team or are we looking at a mash-up of elite college players playing on an All-Star team to defeat Kia and Blackwater?

Enzo Flojo
Oooh, are you suggesting a collegiate all-star team vs. the Kia Sorento?! Oh, man, that would be… a MASSACRE!!!

But who would massacre whom?

I got my money on Kia still beating a collegiate all-star team AT LEAST four times out of ten!!!

pba5-1024x775 Hoop Nut One-on-One: Can the best college teams beat the worst PBA teams?  - philippine sports newsWithout Manny Pacquiao, of course. WITHOUT MANNY PACQUIAO. If he played, Kia would get beaten… six out of seven?

Rolly Mendoza
Well, if Pac-Man plays major minutes, Kia would undoubtedly lose more games than win. If he decides to coach as well (assuming he is still head coach), Kia will probably not win any games at all versus a collegiate all-star team.

In addition, I definitely will buy a ticket to watch such a game!

Since Kia and Blackwater are very poor professional teams, is it feasible for the PBA to create a “losers’ bracket” to create a game where they will compete versus college teams?

Enzo Flojo
Buy a ticket to watch Pacquiao play ball? You serious? Yikes.

The losers bracket thing is interesting though. What would be the stakes? Winner gets treated to free pizza?

Rolly Mendoza
How about if the losers crawl between the legs of the winners depending on the winning margin? Haha

Or what if the losing team gets replaced by the winning team? Imagine if a college all-star team competed with the better teams in the PBA! I bet that one you and millions more will watch!

Enzo Flojo
Oooh that would be totally impossible (a college team replacing Kia) for many reasons, but also totally entertaining, too! Can we please see Ateneo beat Kia, so Keifer can play in the PBA already? Haha

Rolly Mendoza
I recall the PBA using a type of invitational format/tournament to allow a non-PBA team to compete even for one conference or a few games.

This setup will be beneficial for both parties. The PBA will definitely attract more fans/viewers from the college circuit while the college teams can learn from the exposure

Enzo Flojo
Only for very special cases, but I don’t think they’re going to do that just to see a college team beat Kia… oh wait… I think they SHOULD do that!

In other countries, Pro-Am tournaments are held mid-season, so THAT could be one thing to consider! Man, what I would give for Kiefer or Jeron or Belo to throttle down the lane and get an And 1 against the Pac-Man!!!

Rolly Mendoza
You and I plus millions more would definitely watch that! Hopefully, the PBA concocts such a game maybe during their All-Star weekend.

Enzo Flojo
Ugh… Manny in the PBA All-Star Weekend as an All-Star. That’s going to happen, isn’t it, and there’s no stopping it… #WhatHaveWeDone

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