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Saint Benilde to file letter of inquiry re: Perpetual Altas case



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After a week of deliberation between the members of the NCAA’s Management Committee, the College of Saint Benilde has taken the responsibility to file a formal letter of inquiry to begin the investigation with regards to four Altas playing for a community-based league last year.

The development was confirmed by CSB President Bro. Dennis Magbanua, FSC, a member of the Grand Old League’s Policy Board.

“CSB will be filing a letter of inquiry asking the Mancom to look into the issue regarding Perpetual,” his statement read.

Last October 3, news broke out that four of Perpetual’s student-athletes serving residency – namely Edgar Charcos, Kim Aurin, Rey Peralta, and Kyt Jimenez – played in a commercial league called the Metro Basketball Tournament under community-based team Las Piñas Home Defenders last year.

Though players in residency are allowed to play for club teams, they must be playing for a school-based squad. Moreover, they must get clearance from both the school and the NCAA – something that Perpetual failed to secure.

“We laud the Mancom for already looking into it even without a letter from any school yet,” added Magbanua, as the league does not want to set a bad precedent for the future.

But even if there’s a risk involved, Perpetual continued to field the quartet in their last two games.

Charcos, Aurin, and Peralta were serving residency during the calendar year of 2017-18, as Charcos had played for the UE Red Warriors a year ago while Aurin was with the JRU Heavy Bombers. Peralta, on the other hand, played for the Cagayan de Oro College Scorpions a year prior.

The probe will be headed by Arellano’s Peter Cayco, as chairman Frank Gusi will be inhibited as he is part of Perpetual.

Currently, Perpetual have clinched the last Final Four spot with an 11-5 record. The Altas take on the EAC Generals later in the day.

CSB, on the other hand, are situated in fifth place with an even 8-8 record.