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Lyceum not notified by CJ Perez’s camp that he will enter draft



Tiebreaker Times Lyceum not notified by CJ Perez's camp that he will enter draft Basketball LPU NCAA News  NCAA Season 94 Seniors Basketball NCAA Season 94 Lyceum Seniors Basketball CJ Perez

The presidents and rectors from the member schools of the NCAA have finalized the sanction meted on Lyceum Pirate CJ Perez. Moreover, the league’s Policy Board has affirmed that Perez, a graduating Pirate, broke Section of the NCAA rules which states that:

“An athlete may avail/apply for the draft in the Professional League, provided… He must inform the ManCom in writing and duly endorsed by their school representative to the ManCom.”

In this case, before Perez submitted his papers three weeks ago, he and his agent made the honest mistake of not informing the Management Committee nor their representative Herc Callanta and head coach Topex Robinson.

“No, LPU was not informed. Had we been informed, LPU would have taken the initiative to make a letter signed by CJ to and endorsed by the Man Com rep to the NCAA,” said a Lyceum official, who refused to be named.

The league only knew about Perez’s application to the draft after numerous articles broke the news.

The reigning Most Valuable Player got a reprieve after being handed just a one-game suspension.

Former San Sebastian Golden Stag Leo Najorda and ex-San Beda Red Lion Yousif Aljamal were slapped with three-game suspensions for figuring in the same case back in 2005 and 2007, respectively.

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