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EJ Obiena settles for bronze in Poznan meet



Tiebreaker Times EJ Obiena settles for bronze in Poznan meet News Track & Field  EJ Obiena

After his golden outing in the Ostrava Golden Spike last Wednesday, EJ Obiena followed it up with another podium finish. 

The Tokyo Olympics-bound Filipino bagged bronze at the 2020 Poznan Athletics Grand Prix in Poznan, Poland, Saturday (Philippine time).

Despite his struggles at the Golecin Stadium, the 24-year-old Asian champion still came up with a respectable 5.52 meters — tied for the third spot with USA’s Matt Ludwig.

Obiena breezed through his first attempt with the bar at 5.37, taking the lead with the American. Meanwhile, Poland’s Robert Sobera and Netherland’s Menno Vloon both cleared the height on their second try.

Sobera bounced back afterward to join compatriot Piotr Lisek at the top after taking 5.52 meters on his first try. That left Ludwig and Obiena to share the third spot.

Eventually, Lisek finished with 5.72 and broke the deadlock with his fellow Polish Sobera to take the gold. The latter took the silver after his fewer attempts at 5.52.

Obiena continues to search for a breakthrough personal mark this season. He came close with 5.74 meters three days ago in the Czech city, 500 km from Poznan.

His Olympic qualifying mark of 5.81 remains the benchmark as of publishing.

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