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DLSU Lady Shuttlers beat winless NU; rises to 3rd place



Court 5

In a string of 6 matches, Camille Gotohio, Monica Rivera, and the doubles team of Aires Montilla and Kristelle Salatan made short work of their NU opponents in 1 hour and 6 minutes of court time to win their series against the Lady Bulldogs, Sunday at the Rizal Memorial Badminton Hall.


Women’s Singles Match 1: Camille Gotohio (DLSU) def. Rhianca Lawis (NU); 2:0

DLSU 1 – 0 NU


Camille Gotohio would limit Rhianca Lawis to just 5 points in the first game of this match. All Lawis points would be scored prior to the 11th point break with Gotohio leading. The lady shuttler from Taft would win the 1st game 21-5. The 2nd game would start with a 7-0 rally by Gotohio. Lawis would rally back with Gotohio, resting and slow on Lawis’ returns. With the score at 18-16 in favor of Gotohio, Gotohio would seal the match with excellent returns to win the game 21-17.


Aggregate Score: Gotohio 42 – Lawis 22

Total Match Time: 26 mins


Women’s Singles Match 2: Monica Rivera (DLSU) def. Mary Kazziah Cuilao (NU; 2:0

DLSU 2 – 0 NU


Monica Rivera would lead virtually the entire match, except for the early 4-3 deficit in the 2nd game of this match, against Cuilao. Rivera would win both sets with scores of 21-13 and 21-9.


Aggregate Score: Rivera 42 – Cuillao 22

Total Match Time: 20 mins


Women’s Doubles Match 1: Aires Montilla and Kristelle Salatan (DLSU) def. Zyrish Camba and Mary Cuilao (NU); 2:0

DLSU 3 – 0 NU (DLSU wins)


The NU pairing of Zyrish Camba and Mary Cuilao were completely overmatched by the tandem of Montilla and Salatan. Montilla and Salatan would limit their NU counterparts to just 19 points in two games. The routing would last just about 20 mins with scores of 21-9 and 21-10. This secured the win in the series for the Lady Shuttlers from Taft.


Aggregate Scores: Montilla (32) and Salatan (10) 42 – Camba (10) and Cuilao (9) 19

Total Match Time: 20 mins


Women’s Doubles Match 2: Jhayvin May Dizon and Loverly Magallano (NU) def. Danica San Ignacio and Danica Rose Peligrino (DLSU); 2:0

DLSU 3 – 1 NU (DLSU wins)


With nothing to lose, and a game that has no bearing for the shuttlers from Jhocson, Jhayvin Dizon and Loverly Magallano played spoilers to the DLSU pairing of Danica San Ignacio and Danica Peligrino. It should be noted that every match and set wins are crucial in playoff seedings. After a 9-9 deadlock in the 1st set, Dizon and Magallano of NU would steal the 1st game away from Dizon and Magallano with a score of 21-17. The 2nd set saw San Ignacio and Peligrino fall into a 14-19 deficit then a 20-15 hole. The tandem from Taft would then blitz their way to score 7 straight points to force a 3rd game. The rally from the end of the 2nd game would take its toll on San Ignacio and Peligrino however as they were slow on their feet all through-out the deciding set to give the pair of Dizon and Magallano a 21-13 win and a match win for the NU-side.


Aggregate Score: San Ignacio (27) and Peligrino (25) 52 – Dizon (29) and Magallano (32) 62

Total Match Time: 45 mins


Women’s Singles Match 3: Loverly Dezelle Magallano (NU) def. Janine Peligrino (DLSU); 2:0

DLSU 3 – 2 NU (DLSU wins)


Janina Peligrino was looking to avenge the loss of her pair against the pair that included Loverly Magallano. Tired from the doubles match, Magallano would fall to Peligrino in the first game 21-15. The 2nd game saw Peligrino rally back from a 7 to 12 hole, to take a 14-12 lead midway 2nd game. Magallano would then bounce back to take the set 21-19. The 3rd set would be all Loverly Magallano though as a clearly fatigued Janine Peligrino could not keep up with the pace of still energized Magallano. Loverly Magallano would take the set, 21-13, and the match.


Aggregate Score: Magallano 57 – Peligrino 53

Total Match Time: 45 mins


Total Games Won: 8-4

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