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UP CSR Niña Alvia: From the turf to the courtside



The Maroons have been making an impressive run to start off the 78th season of the UAAP. Aside from the team’s grit and hustle that helped them notch victories to open the season, can their new and youngest courtside reporter be the lucky charm for the squad?

For UP’s courtside reporter Niña Alvia, she defied age as being a barrier to updating and reporting about the team’s status in front of the camera during the UAAP Men’s Basketball games.

The 17-year old freshman, who graduated high school from Immaculate Conception Academy, is now tasked to be the girl reporting from the sidelines for the State University.

Philippine Sports News - Tiebreaker Times UP CSR Niña Alvia: From the turf to the courtside    A little known fact about her is that she used to be a football player back in high school.“The last time I played an actual football game with my team was last February. But then I play sometimes with my friends, we go around the field and just play. ICA doesn’t have a football team so we’re called Xavier girls,” she shared. However, she did not pursue playing the world’s most popular sport for the Lady Maroons but is looking forward to meet the Lady Maroons’ women’s football team, specifically Kali Huff.

She told Tiebreaker Times that she was pumped up and nervous at the same time when she knew that she was accepted to do courtside duties for the Fighting Maroons.“It’s a challenge talaga. It’s scary pero it’s challenging. I’m excited to learn new things and it’s a huge learning experience for me.”

Taking up Sports Studies in the prestigious university, the youngest courtside reporter in the history of the UAAP opened up that one should take chances and do everything to make something happen. “It scared me but then I realized–if you want something hard enough, you can get it. Just because nobody has done it before (considering her age), does not mean you can’t. It’s a huge blessing and honor talaga.” She added that it was her parents who pushed her to try out.

She shared that Bea Fabregas and Gabby Dario were her favorites in terms of being courtside reporters for the Fighting Maroons. Gabby, who was last season’s CSR for UP, gave Niña the advice necessary to be a good reporter such as avoiding being scared. “Practice is always a key and mistakes are something that someone shouldn’t be afraid of, as long as they learn from it” was what Dario advised her.

“I find it funny because I’ve been here only for weeks and suddenly I’m representing UP. It’s an amazing feeling. They want you to represent the school and makes you want to learn more about UP and the atmosphere and all the places. It really makes me wanna be a true UP person,” the 17 year old freshman quipped.

Prior the start of the season, she has been doing her homework as she attentively watches the UP cagers in practice.“I’m excited to watch the Maroons play every time. They are way better than they were before and their practices show more discipline and you can definitely see the effort put in by everyone. I’m definitely excited for them, to tell everyone else what I see during the practices and their experiences before,” she said.

Philippine Sports News - Tiebreaker Times UP CSR Niña Alvia: From the turf to the courtside    True enough, the underdogs made some noise as they have started the season with a 2-0 slate. She shared the aura inside the dugout after the big win the Maroons had after beating La Salle and mentioned it’s still all business afterwards and they have a long season ahead.“I’m extremely proud of them. I’ve been rooting for them from the start. They’re so happy. But then, everyone else reminded them that 24 hours lang that they can be happy and after that, back to work.”

She connects with the team, being an athlete herself, as hard work, sacrifice, patience, and determination are needed to achieve the ultimate goal.

“You have to be patient since it’s a team effort. They are being patient and they have been working hard. They didn’t give up and it’s definitely a team effort.”

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