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UAAP Season 78 Beach Volleyball schedule



As a prelude to the much awaited UAAP Volleyball season, the UAAP Beach Volleyball tournament is all set to debut in the SM Sands By The Bay. All eight schools will be vying for the honor to hoist the UAAP Beach Volleyball trophy.

Day 1: Friday, October 9

8:00WUST vs ADU
8:30WDLSU vs FEU
9:00WNU vs UE
9:30WUP vs ADMU
10:00MNU vs ADU
10:30MUST vs FEU
11:00MADMU vs UP
11:30MUE vs DLSU
12:00WUST vs NU
12:30WDLSU vs UP
1:00MNU vs ADMU
1:30MUST vs UE


Day 2: Saturday, October 10

8:00MADU vs UP
8:30MDLSU vs FEU
9:00WADU vs UE
9:30WFEU vs ADMU
10:00WUST vs FEU
10:30WDLSU vs ADU
11:00MNU vs FEU
11:30MDLSU vs ADMU
12:00MUE vs UP
12:30MUST vs ADU
1:00WNU vs ADMU
1:30WUP vs UE


Day 3: Sunday, October 11

8:00WUST vs UP
8:30WDLSU vs UE
9:00WADU vs ADMU
9:30WFEU vs NU
10:00MNU vs UE
10:30MUST vs UP
11:00MDLSU vs ADU
11:30MFEU vs ADMU
12:00WUST vs UE
12:30WDLSU vs ADMU
1:00MNU vs UP
1:30MUST vs DLSU


Day 4: Friday, October 16

8:00MADU vs ADMU
8:30MFEU vs UE
9:00MNU vs DLSU
9:30MADMU vs UST
10:00WADU vs NU
10:30WFEU vs NU
11:00WUST vs ADMU
11:30WNU vs DLSU
12:00MADU vs UE
12:30MFEU vs UP
1:00WADU vs UP
1:30WFEU vs UE


Day 5: Saturday, October 17

8:00WUST vs DLSU
8:30WADU vs FEU
9:00WNU vs UP
9:30WUE vs ADMU
10:00MNU vs UST
10:30MADU vs FEU
11:00MADMU vs UE
11:30MUP vs DLSU



Will UST Continue it’s dominance in the Women’s Division? With the graduation of NU’s roster, does the team have what it takes to remain on top in the Men’s Division? Find out as the games begin on Friday, October 9 on SM Sands By The Bay.

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