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Sonny Thoss, runner-up finishes, and a new day for Alaska



Tiebreaker Times Sonny Thoss, runner-up finishes, and a new day for Alaska Basketball News PBA  Sonny Thoss PBA Season 41 Alaska Aces 2016 PBA Commissioners Cup

Sonny Thoss is one of the longest-tenured Alaska Aces in franchise history. He has been an Ace his entire life, and he’s been through the ups and downs, and celebrations and adversities of the team throughout the years.

After another setback the Aces experienced, he opened up on how the Aces approached the interval between the Philippine Cup and the Commissioner’s Cup, and how vital it is for the team to value continuity and sticking together.

“We don’t want to bring any negativity in this conference so we just put it away and learn from it. Keep the team growing. That is what we emphasize in huddles. Keep getting better and hopefully have a better result this conference. This is the reality of it. We have to move on and make the most of this,” Thoss said Friday before the Aces made their Commissioner’s Cup debut.

Perhaps being in the same venue two weeks after losing a championship there added more to the moving on angle, but that is the least of Alaska’s concerns at this point.

The central theme of the past practices for the franchise was about focusing on the now.

“Just the mental adjustment. Minor game plan adjustments. Getting our mindset right, re-focusing on the next conference and putting away what happened last conference,” Thoss shared.

“Of course they are disappointed from falling short again, but they are still very positive and very supportive. They believe in the team. That’s what’s good about it. And we try to keep better. Hopefully we have a positive outcomes.”

Being in the team for so long as well, Thoss has been witness to how the Aces keep building from within. Setbacks, even the most painful ones, do not break the team, but only make them come out stronger.

It has been the team’s formula being in the super teams conversation in recent years.

“How are you supposed to develop a team if you keep changing and keep changing? You have to stick with what you have and build from it. They believe in that style and we continue to build with what we have — a strong core. If there is an opportunity (to add pieces) I am sure they will do but they want to keep the team, the core together, intact, then build from it,” Thoss said.

Thoss stood out of his seat and joined team shootaround. Sure, it’s been tough finishing second in three out of the last four conferences, but for a tough franchise like Alaska, it’s a new day.

“Just come out aggressive and focus on this conference. Just come in fresh again. There is a new opportunity here,” he added.

“Let’s just try again.”

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