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PSL Beach Volley Day 2: A look at the playoff-bound teams



After 19 matches in Day 2 of the Philippine Super Liga Beach Volleyball Challenge Cup, the playoffs is set.

8 teams from the women’s division, plus 4 squads from the men’s side, advanced to the next round, and here is a look at some of the highlights of Day 2.

The Petron XCS duo of Gretchen Ho and Charo Soriano punched the last ticket to the quarter-final in Pool B after picking up an easy win over Accel Quantum Plus B’s Aurora Tripoli and Rochet Dela Paz, 21-7, 21-9.

The duo finished in Pool B, behind undefeated Cignal HD B’s April Hingpit and Wensh Tiu.

The other Petron team, however, bannered by Alexa Micek and Fille Cayetano, Sprint 4T, failed to make it past the elimination round after splitting their last two affairs in Day 2.

Micek and Cayetano were able to fend off Cignal HD A’s Micmic Laborte and Cha Cruz at first, winning 22-20, 21-15 to eliminate the latter, but were outlasted by Giligan’s pair of Danica Gendrauli and Jane Diaz in their second match.

Petron Sprint 4T took the opening set, 21-18 but Giligan’s fought back, bagging the final two sets, 21-17, 15-9 to wind up with a 2-1 record in Pool D. Errors hounded Petron Sprint 4T towards the final two sets as the team yielded against a less-heralded foe.

Foton Hurricanes, composed of Bea Tan and Paul Soriano, is the other team which advanced from Pool D.

Laborte and Cruz were able to salvage some measure of pride after taking down the Foton Hurricanes in their final match, 25-23, 21-14, but not before a delay caused by a heavy downpour at the Sands SM By The Bay.

The Foton Hurricanes topped Pool C after Fiola Ceballos and Patty Orendain survived Meralco’s Jem Gutierrez and Jusabelle Brillo in a tightly contested affair, 21-14, 15-21, 17-15.

The Amy’s tandem of Marleen Cortel and Samantha Dawson meanwhile emerged on top of Pool A after defeating Philips Gold’s Aileen Abuel and Rosanne Fajardo, 21-18, 21-12.

In the men’s division, SM By The Bay A’s powerhouse pair of Jade Becaldo and Hachaliah Gilbuena prevailed in what could be a preview of the finals against an also tough Champion Infinity B side led by Marjun Alingasa and Tippy Tipgos, 21-17, 18-21, 15-10.

SM By The Bay A went undefeated in Pool B, 4-0 while Champion Infinity B finished with a 3-1 card as both teams advanced.

In Pool A, Cignal HD Spikers A’s Edmar Bonono and Sandy Montero went unblemished at 4-0, followed by the last team to make the semi-final, Centerstage’s Rence Melgar and Carlo Lozada.

Below are the full results of Day 2.


Perpetual Molino A (Alboro/Del Mundo) def. SM By The Bay B (T. Young/D. Young), 21-18, 21-18.

Centerstage (Melgar/Lozada) def. Champion Infinity A (Espiritu/Molate), 21-19, 21-23, 15-9.

Champion Infinity B (Alingasa/Tipgos) def. Perpetual Molino B (Gamat/Alona), 21-13, 21-7.

SM By The Bay A (Becaldo/Gilbuena) def. Cignal HD B (Luces/Dela Cruz), 21-11, 21-16.

Cignal HD A (Bonono/Montero) def. Champion Infinity (Espiritu/Molate), 18-21, 21-12, 15-6.

Centerstage (Melgar/Lozada) def. Perpetual Molino A (Alboro/Del Mundo), 21-10, 21-9.

Cignal HD B (Luces/Dela Cruz) def. IEM (Dela Calzada/Conde), 21-19, 21-14.

SM By The Bay A (Becaldo/Gilbuena) def. Perpetual Molino B (Gamat/Alona), 21-7, 21-4.

Centerstage (Melgar/Lozada) def. SM By The Bay B (T. Young/D. Young), 21-16, 18-21, 15-11.

SM By The Bay A (Becaldo/Gilbuena) def. Champion Infinity B (Alingasa/Tipgos), 21-17, 18-21, 15-10.

Cignal HD A (Bonono/Montero) def. Perpetual Molino A (Alboro/Del Mundo), 21-14, 21-10.

IEM (Dela Calzada/Conde) def. Perpetual Molino B (Gamat/Alona), 21-13, 21-10.


Foton Hurricanes (Tan/P. Soriano) def. Giligan’s (Gendrauli/Diaz), 21-18, 18-21, 15-12.

Petron XCS (Ho/C. Soriano) def. Accel Quantum Plus B (Tripoli/Dela Paz), 21-7, 21-9.

Petron Sprint 4T (Cayetano/Micek) def. Cignal HD A (Cruz/Laborte), 22-20, 21-15.

Amy’s (Dawson/Cortel) def. Philips Gold (Fajardo/Abuel), 21-18, 21-12.

Foton Tornadoes (Ceballos/Orendain) def. Meralco (Gutierrez/Brillo), 21-14, 15-21, 17-15.

Cignal HD A (Cruz/Laborte) def. Foton Hurricanes (Tan/P. Soriano), 25-23, 21-14.

Giligan’s (Gendrauli/Diaz) def. Petron Sprint 4T (Cayetano/Micek), 18-21, 21-17, 15-9.

Standings after Day 2:


Pool A

Cignal HD A 4-0
Centerstage 3-1
Champion Infinity A 2-2
Perpetual Molino A 1-3
SM By The Bay B 0-4

Pool B

SM By The Bay A 4-0
Champion Infinity B 3-1
Cignal HD B 2-2
IEM 1-3
Perpetual Molino B 0-4

Qualified teams in the semi-final:

Cignal HD A
SM By The Bay A
Champion Infinity B


Pool A

Amy’s 2-0
Philips Gold 1-1
Accel Quantum Plus A 0-2

Pool B

Cignal HD B 2-0
Petron XCS 1-1
Accel Quantum Plus B 0-2

Pool C

Foton Tornadoes 2-0
Meralco 1-1
Beneco 0-2

Pool D

Foton Hurricanes 2-1
Giligan’s 2-1
Cignal HD A 1-2
Petron Sprint 4T 1-2

Qualified teams in the quarter-final

Philips Gold
Cignal HD B
Petron XCS
Foton Tornadoes
Foton Hurricanes

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