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N’Diaye speaks on match-up with Douthit, near triple-double



Kia’s hulking big Hamady N’Diaye entered the game against Blackwater pitted in a duel versus the tallest – literally and figuratively – order yet as he faced Elite’s Marcus Douthit.

Alhough Douthit’s decline at the rim was visibly noticed during the Carnival’s 83-76 double-overtime win Tuesday, N’Diaye still had the utmost respect for the Filipino reinforcement, whom he said forced him to going out of the paint.

“I know he is a shooter so I have to stay close to him at all times while also trying to help my teammates so that makes the job a lot harder the entire game defensively. I wanted to make sure I was locked in,” N’Diaye said.

The Senegal native managed to use every ounce of athleticism that he has to his advantage, pulling off a near triple-double of 16 points, 23 rebounds, and 9 blocked shots as he was very active from the rim.Tiebreaker Times N'Diaye speaks on match-up with Douthit, near triple-double

Douthit managed to finish with 16 points, 16 rebounds, and 6 assists.

While swatting away shots is nothing new for the 7-foot-1 import, he added playing with such tenacity from the defensive was what he does best, and he only wants to help his team succeed in the league.

“To me I was just trying to find myself again because last game was a down game. I wanted to do what I do best which is playing defense,” he shared.

“That’s the best thing I do, get shot blocks. It’s an art. It’s what I do best. I just try to complement them. I am new here so every game is just a new fight.”

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