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Manny Pacquiao counters Dasma association’s request



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Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League owner Senator Manny Pacquiao released a strongly worded response to Barangay Dasmasrinas’s request for him to undergo strict home quarantine.

It had irked Pacquiao how the association, led by Barangay captain Rossana Hwang, drew conclusions from a viral video without verifying the matter.

“Let me emphasize that it was not ‘partying’ as stated in your letter. It was a political meeting,” read Pacquiao’s statement, clarifying that it was a meeting for members of the PDP-Laban party.

“The word ‘partying’ casts me as someone insensitive to the current crisis of the nation.”

Moreover, Pacquiao disclosed that the meeting happened back on March 4 — a little less than a week before Senator Koko Pimentel tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19).

“I am sure our Dasmarinas Village guards have records of this if only proper verification was made,” rued Pacquiao.

During the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Pacquiao’s foundation has been actively procuring personal protective equipment and testing kits for the country’s frontliners.

Being at the forefront of this, Pacquiao stressed that he, his family, and his household staff have been observing “proper physical distancing” and have been under quarantine since March 24.

Besides this, Pacquiao disclosed that he took the initiative of having a test, using a rapid testing kit from South Korea. The result came negative.

“I am willing to undergo a confirmatory test only if the need arises,” shared the 41-year-old legislator, who is still a rookie in the senate.

“I firmly believe that we have a lot of Persons Under Investigation who have to be prioritized in terms of testing.”

To close, Pacquiao hopes that the association did not have to result in making its statement public as it was through social media that he knew about the development.

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Pacquiao shared that he will send this matter to an “appropriate agency” for investigation.

“In this regard, I would like to remind you that this is in the best interest of our immediate community and of the general public if we refrain from making assertions or conclusions based on unverified news items and malicious social media posts,” said Pacquiao.

“We also ask that your office refrain from sending out official barangay communications directed to individuals to news outlets and social media. We do not wish unnecessary panic during these trying times.”