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The long wait is over for Jay Washington



Jay Washington is just glad to turn the wheel around and put himself back to the top.

After all the injury-riddled conferences (and the pain that came along the way), league-worst finishes, and performances — not uninspiring yet never satisfied people’s lofty expectations, he is glad to be back where he truly wants to be: the podium.

Dealing with injuries and being on the wrong end of losing seasons while exerting effort may really get disappointing, but the Talk ‘N Text forward kept pushing himself through it all.

His numbers were reminiscent ofa BPC-caliber season and he was in fact one of Globalport Batang Pier’s leaders, but losing time and again could definitely take its toll.

Philippine Sports News - Tiebreaker Times The long wait is over for Jay Washington

Photo from: Nuki Sabio/PBA Images

“I never had that type of attitude. It just feels difficult when you lose a lot of games. It gets hard, you start doubting what you are doing, things like that. But at the same time, knowing I couldn’t do it by myself, it is a lot easier when you have seven or eight or nine games. No offense to GlobalPort. They will get there. I appreciate being there,” Washington shared.

But instead of giving up, Washington kept his determination overflowing. The patience and never-give-up attitude gifted him with a memorable prize in the end as he became a part of a Tropang Texters championship.

After all, it was the franchise that helped him learn the ropes when he first entered the league in 2005.

“I hope this is my last stop. I’ve been on different sides to see what goes on but this is where I want to finish my career,” Washington, who played for Talk ‘N Text from 2005 to 2008 primarily, said.

“Top to bottom, this is a classy organization. This (championship) is what we expected. This is where we are supposed to be as a team. I put a lot on myself to do a lot every night and it gets hard especially when you are not winning. This shift of gears for me, being a role player and becoming part of something bigger is what I want at this point of my career.”

Washington drew strength from failures and knew it was only a matter of time before he could turn his fortune around.

“Just keeping my eyes on the road and not thinking about something else. There was no time to sulk. You keep pushing and things will work out if you have the right frame of mind. That was always my thought process. Keep working and having a great attitude. When you are against the ropes, what colors are you going to show?” he added.Philippine Sports News - Tiebreaker Times The long wait is over for Jay Washington

“I was tired of showing that I cannot handle it. I tried to be more mature as a player and as a person. Growing older has really helped. I knew I had more basketball for myself and I never really had a doubt that I couldn’t do it anymore. It was about being patient and drawing strength from whoever.”

Now enjoying another championship, Washington is just grateful that the long wait is finally over.

He is now where he wants to be.


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