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LeBron James talks leadership, inspiring children at Nike Rise



While in the Philippines for the Nike Rise tour, LeBron James gamely answered questions during the press conference Thursday at the House of Rise in Mandaluyong.

James felt glad to be back in the country he first visited two years ago, saying, “you guys welcome me and my friends with open arms and it is always a pleasure.”

The four-time NBA Most Valuable Player also regarded Filipinos as a race which has fun with the sport of Basketball.

“They love the game. You can tell they are having fun. You can always relate to people with the passion for the game,” James said.

Leadership is also something James tackled in front of the media. Having led the Cleveland Cavaliers to the finals in only his first year back, James says being a team player is always the way he ought to play the game.

“It’s my upbringing. I always preach team basketball. (It’s about) the team being at a high level and not just the individual,” he said.

“Over the years the best part (of being a leader) is having guys willing to listen and wanna learn. When you have that you are able to understand how you are able to lead certain guys. Hopefully I can continue to learn (from them).”

“It’s by example and by command as well. I don’t think you can teach leadership. It’s either you want it or have it or it’s not there. It’s a trait that I’ve always had.”

James added being present during the exhibition game at the Mall of Asia Arena with the Nike Rise is a moment he will treasure.

Having had struggles throughout his career and even during childhood, James says he knows what the Rise athletes are going through and he aims to provide them with support.

“More than teaching them the skill sets, it’s about being an inspiration from behind and give them (knowledge) about the game and it’s up to them to use that. I think that is what’s important for me,” James said.

“My stories speak for itself. I know I can make my dream become a reality. It takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice and I just love the game so much. I know what the (Nike Rise) athletes are going through.”

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