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Jarin surprised with referees’ demeanor in SBC-SSCR tilt



San Beda Head Coach, Jamike Jarin said he was surprised with how the referees behaved during the Red Lions-San Sebatian Golden Stags match.

Jarin was slapped with a technical foul midway through the game, which stemmed from a warning he acrued in an earlier point just by asking a question.

“I asked the referee, wasn’t that a foul? And he gave me a warning. So, it is hard to ask these referees,” Jarin shared, saying the referees could have just answered the question.

“You get a warning or technical when you say something bad. I asked him in a nice way, and I still got a warning. So you cannot talk to the referees?”

Jarin added: “I was just surprised. I might get into trouble, but it is what it is.”

The San Beda mentor told the boys during the fourth quarter to stick to the game, as they do not have control of the officiating, and they were able to pull off a 92-81 win.

“I think they have a better view on the court calling the fouls, so I am not a referee, I am a coach. I just try to do my job.”

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