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ECJ brought out best in Danny Seigle — both as player and executive



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Outside of a short stretch during the mid-2010s, Danny Seigle has always been part of the San Miguel Corporation.

And it’s because SMC chairman Danding Cojuangco trusted him not just on the court, but off of it.

In a heartfelt tribute to his boss and mentor, Seigle, now 44, shared the working and personal relationship he had with the late sports patron.

“He was the type of Boss that did not mince words. He let you know when he was disappointed, but gave you credit and so much more when you delivered,” shared Seigle’s post on Instagram.

“He expected excellence because he wanted us to be the best. He took care of us like we were one of his own.”

A year after graduating from Wagner College back in 1998, the 6-foot-6 swingman was hired directly by the Beermen.

He would win seven of his eight career championships there.

Though he would play in Air21, Barako Bull, and TNT in the latter years of his career, he remained in touch with Cojuangco.

The two-time Best Player of the Conference would be tapped by San Miguel Alab Pilipinas as a team consultant after his retirement, while also serving as a consultant to De La Salle University later on.

With Cojuangco’s push, Seigle was able to adjust to life after the game easily.

“Our conversations evolved over the years, like our working relationship. From winning championships as his player almost two decades ago to discussing front office agenda, I enjoyed it all,” continued Seigle.

“But the time we spent together recently is what I consider most precious, as he’d share his latest interests, random observations, nuggets of wisdom, and reflections sourced from the hard knocks of experience.”

Tuesday evening, Cojuangco passed away at the age of 85.

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Though the man had passed, Seigle vows to carry on the life lessons he learned from Cojuangco as he continues to grow as an executive and a coach.

“It is such a blessing to have known you Boss ECJ. Your altruism, trust, and generosity changed my life direction and for that, I am profoundly grateful.”