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DLSU Lady Shuttlers demolish AdU counterparts

the DLSU Lady Shuttlers made quick work of the Adamson Lady Falcons.




Fresh from their redeeming victory against their UST counterparts, the DLSU Lady Shuttlers made quick work of the Adamson Lady Falcons after a brutal 5-0 victory. Successfully reasserting their dominance after a loss to UP and a narrow victory against UST, the DLSU Lady Shuttlers gave their best to warn its remaining opponents that they are once again on the right track and ready to go all out to carve a path to the championships.

First on deck was DLSU’s Nicole Albo who was able to assert her dominance in the 30-minute battle she had with Lady Falcon, Clydel Pada. Albo had a slow start and AdU’s Pada managed to carve out an early lead in the early minutes of the first set. However, Pada’s lead was curtailed, as Albo was able to launch a massive counterattack, and won the set 21-12. Seemingly all warmed up, Albo continued on to bear down on Pada in the second set, as she swiftly won the set 21-8.

DLSU’s Iya Sevilla also capitalized on the strong start by her compatriot as she moved quickly to overpower her opponent, AdU’s Mikaela Aquino in the first set 21-8. Sevilla would continue on with all guns blazing with her merciless strikes that merited her the second set, 21-11, giving DLSU its second match win for the day.

Veteran duo, Alyssa Leonardo and Kristelle Salatan, continued the display of massive firepower as they too would overwhelm their opponents, AdU’s Christine Garin and Maggie Villacorta, into submission. Starting off strong the duo of Leonardo and Salatan were able to carve out a huge lead in the early minutes of the first set. Their lead, however, would be cut down by an eager Garin-Villacorta duo, who did their best to attempt an upsetting victory. Sadly, this was not the case as despite giving away points in the latter minutes of the first set, the duo of Leonardo and Salatan would still prove to be victorious, 21-14. Leonardo and Salatan would prove to be far stronger in the second set, as they not only created an early opening, but also charged to the win without looking back, leaving AdU’s Garin and Villacorta defeated 21-12 in the second set.

The duo of Aires Montilla and Nicole Albo further proved to draw out more of DLSU’s raging charge to victory as they barreled down AdU’s Clydel Pada and Mikaela Aquino in a single-sided doubles 21-8 win.

Lady Archer Ipay Salvado completed their thunderous sweep of the day despite a first set 19-21 loss against AdU’s Christine Garin. Succeeding in a massive comeback, Salvado managed to edge out Garin in the subsequent sets 21-14 and 21-13, respectively, to claim victory.

DLSU looks forward to remain in winning form as they face UE this coming Saturday while the Adamson Lady Falcons would look to counter their defeat at the expense of FEU on the same day.