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Ateneo ends the season winless, goes 0-14



Unable to bounce back from a dismal first round, the paddlers from Ateneo would once again finish winless in the second round.

ADMU vs UST (0-1)

Looking to erase the horrors of the first round, Ateneo’s Uy would manage to bag a 3-0 victory in the opening match over UST’s Tunay. The next three matches however would go to UST’s paddlers, all with 3-0 scores, giving the squad from Espana the victory.

ADMU vs NU (0-2)

The first two sets would go to NU, but a 3-0 victory by the duo of Dayao and Lao and the fourth match victory by Matias would force the fifth match. It was NU’s Huab who would finally end the series, prevailing 3-0 over Ateneo’s Rosete, 3-0.

ADMU vs. UP (0-3)

Another opening victory from Uy would open the encounter from the Katipunan-based schools on an exciting note, but the next three matches would all go to UP’s paddlers, 3-0, 3-1, and 3-0.

ADMU vs. FEU (0-4)

FEU’s Igno would prevail 3-0 in the first match, but ever the hero, Uy would bag the second match ater a heated 3-2 duel for Ateneo to keep the fire alive for the Katipunan-based squad. The next two matches however would go to the FEU paddlers, securing the victory for the Morayta-based squad.

ADMU vs DLSU (0-5)

Down on their luck, the Ateneans would find themselves facing powerhouse La Salle in the afternoon. The Archers would quickly seal the victory in three sets, all 3-0, shutting down Ateneo to secure the victory.

ADMU vs UE (0-6)

In similar fashion to the encounter with La Salle, all three first sets would go to UE, 3-2, 3-1, and 3-0, despite a stronger showing from the Ateneans.

ADMU vs AdU (0-7)

After giving up the first two matches to Adamson, the duo of Lao and Dayao and Crisostomo would manage to bag victories in the third and fourth matches to force the fifth match and give Ateneo the chance to finish the tournament on a high note. However, the fifth match would belong to Adamson’s Enal, routing opponent Rosete to give Adamson the win.

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