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Tiebreaker Times

Adamson shuttlers outclass opponents from FEU to take home point in third day of men’s badminton

Court 4

Shuttlers from the Adamson University Men’s badminton squad took home victories in all five matches against Far Eastern University, leading the squad from Ermita to their first point in the men’s badminton tournament.

All five matches lasted for no more than thirty minutes, as Adamson finally takes home a point after losing both assignments during the opener last weekend. FEU’s shuttlers would only score two match victory’s against Adamson’s ten.

Men’s Singles 1: Jerome Pechera(AdU) def. Josh Mark Maquelabit(FEU) 2:0
AdU 1- 0 FEU

Adamson’s Pechera opened the game with a strong start, marching to an 8-2 lead. Maquelabit would quickly answer back and bring the score to 8-7 for the set. After trading points for the next few minutes, Pechera would go on another rally, building a 17-11 lead that would set the foundation for a 21-15 victory and the first game point. Pechera had another strong start in second set, but a late rally by Maquelabit would lead to a narrow 19-18 lead for Pechera. Pechera would however give up only one point while scoring two, taking home the match point and give Adamson the early lead in the day.

Aggregate score: Pechera- 42, Maquelabit- 34
Total match time: 30

Men’s Singles 2: EJ Villoria(AdU) def. Joshua John Bernardo(FEU) 2:0
AdU 2-0 FEU
ADU-Viloria-1024x682 Adamson shuttlers outclass opponents from FEU to take home point in third day of men’s badminton  - philippine sports news
The first set of the match proved to be a nailbiter, as a back-and-forth affair between the two shuttlers that saw several rallies, lead changes, and deadlocks resulted in a 20-20 draw. With both players seeking a twenty-second point, it was Adamson’s Villoria who held on two straight points to take home the game point, 22-20. The second set saw Villoria taking an early 5-1 lead, though Bernardo would eventually find a way to match his opponent’s output. A tilt later saw Villoria build a 17-12 lead. Though Bernardo’s swats would prove effective in giving him a few more minutes, Villoria would only need to pip in a few more points to hold on to the 21-16 victory in the set to claim the second game point and give Adamson the edge in match points, 2-0.

Aggregate score: Villora- 43, Maquelabit- 36
Total match time: 31 mins.

Men’s doubles 1: Keith Reyes and E.J Villoria(AdU) def. Joel Christian Mendez and Rafael Dionisio jr.(FEU) 2:1
AdU 3- 0 FEU
ADU-Reyes-Villoria-1024x682 Adamson shuttlers outclass opponents from FEU to take home point in third day of men’s badminton  - philippine sports news
Villoria would return to the pitch, fresh from a singles victory, while his partner Reyes and opponents Mendez and Dionisio were all coming in fresh from the stands. Most of the scoring would come from Villoria, who scored five straight points to give him and Reyes the 17-13 edge after a narrow contest earlier in the set. The FEU duo would find a way to keep their scoring alive, but Reyes would alive and rake in three of Adamson’s final five points for the 21-17 game point. Reenergized, the FEU duo would come in strong in the next set to duel their opponents in another flashy trade of rallies. Dionisio would be consistent in raking in the points, with fourteen points to his name. With the 20-17 edge over Adamson, Dioniso and Mensez would keep strong after two straight points awarded to their opponents and take the narrow 21-19 game victory, after another point to Mendez. The final set however ended in a much different fashion, with the Adamson duo capitalizing from an early start to pile on their opponents. Unable to find a way to cut off Adamson scoring, the FEU tandem could only watch as their opponents escaped with a 21-9 blowout in the final set to give Adamson their third match point and secure victory for the day.

Aggregate score: Villoria and Reyes- 61, Dioniso and Mendez- 47
Total match time: 30 mins.

Men’s Doubles 2: Jerome Pechera and Gerloth Delizo(AdU) def. Joshua Mark Maquelabit and Joshua John Bernardo(FEU) 2:0
AdU 4- 0 FEU
ADU-Pochera-Delizo-1024x682 Adamson shuttlers outclass opponents from FEU to take home point in third day of men’s badminton  - philippine sports news
Pechera and Delizo opened the match relentless in spite of Adamson assured of the day’s point. The FEU duo were however relentless themselves, making sure to respond to every Adamson point. Three straight points awarded to Adamson’s Delizo would however give him and Pechera a 17-14 edge. Though the FEU duo would continue the fight, the Adamson would only need to hold on to score a few more points and take the narrow 21-18 victory for the game. The second set proved to be another hotly-contested one, with FEU giving their all to respond to their opponents’ attacks. A five-point streak to Adamson’s Delizo would however boost the Soaring Shuttlers to a 15-11 lead. Though FEU would be unwavering in chipping away at their opponents’ lead, Delizo and Pechera only needed to make sure to answer every point awarded to FEU to escape with a 21-17 victory.

Aggregate score: Pechera and Delizo- 42, Maquelabit and Bernardo- 35.
Total match time: 29 mins.

Men’s Singles 3: Johnric Macabenta(AdU) def. Joshua Mark Maquelabit(FEU) 2:1
AdU 5- 0 FEU
ADU-Macabenta-1024x682 Adamson shuttlers outclass opponents from FEU to take home point in third day of men’s badminton  - philippine sports news
FEU’s Maquelabit took to the field for the third time that day against Adamson’s Macabenta, playing in his first match. Showing no sign of being worn out, Maquelabit would go on a six point rally that gave him an 18-12 lead that his opponent found no way to cut, holding on for the 21-14 victory. Macabenta would however come in stronger in the second set, finally finding away to match his opponent’s scoring. A late tilt would help him to a 21-18 victory for the game. Macabenta would have to topple a strong early start in the third game to overtake his opponent and soon gain momentum for the final set, scoring two points for every one point awarded to Maquelabit. Macabenta would overpower his opponent, 21-15, and complete Adamson’s domination of FEU for the day.

Total Game Score:
Adamson- 10
FEU- 2

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