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UE joins La Salle, UST in top spot to open UAAP Taekwondo competition



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Powerhouses University of Santo Tomas and De La Salle University, along with a surprise University of the East squad, lead the standings after Day 1 of the UAAP 78 women’s taekwondo tournament, Tuesday, October 13 at the Blue Eagle Gym.

UST swept their assignments for the day after escaping Far Eastern University, 4–3, and overpowering Ateneo de Manila University, 7–0, in succession. Korina Paladin, Coleen Heria, Abigail Cham, and Marjelle Sy finished at a perfect 2–0 for the Tigresses at the day’s end with wins in these two matches. Ronnielette Balancio started the day off with a win for the Lady Tamaraws, 5–4, at the golden point round before they conceded the next two matches. At the bantamweight category, Lovely Balmes tied the match with come-from-behind victory over Zay Cajes, 4–3. The Thomasians then secured the victory with Cham and Sy in the featherweight and lightweight classes with close 1–0 and 2–1 decisions, respectively. FEU’s Clouie Bolinas ended the gruelling match with a win in the middle/heavyweight category with a rousing 7–3. The Tigresses then left no tables unturned as they blanked last year’s tormentors Ateneo in their following pairing.

La Salle had a similar route as UST, as the Taft-based squad sneaked past stubborn National University, 4–3, and dispatched Far Eastern University, 6–1. In their first match against NU, the Lady Green Jins started with two straight wins from Cleio Banez and Lovely Avanceña, 10–8 and 8–5, over Charisse Viray and Angela Loren, respectively. NU levelled the match after with Irish Razon and last year’s gold medallist Shiryl Badol overtaking their opponents. The tall Rheza Aragon then grabbed the lead for the Lady Bulldogs with a high-scoring 19–15 victory, but Paola Amon and Gabrielle Yuchingtat closed the match off in favor of the Green and White.

In the following match for the Lady Green Jins, FEU’s Balancio pulled off in the first bout against Banez in another golden point round. From there, DLSU did not look back as Avanceña, Apriel Solimen, Shanelle Romuar, last year’s top rookie Camille Bonje, Amon, and Yunchingtat swept the next six bouts to keep the team’s undefeated record for the day.

However, the story of the day is the University of the East, who shared the top spot in the standings after stunning defending champions University of the Philippines, 5–2, and quashing Ateneo, 6–1. In the first match, UE’s Karen Cells set the tone for the upset with 9–0 blanking of fifth-year senior Nicoele Sibug. Jessica Canabal, Darlene Arpon, Nicole Mc Cann, and Dymyr Lobaton picked up from where Cells left off and emerged victorious over their opponents to register their team’s first win of the season.

Along with Angie Dayag, the Lady Red Jins stepped up against the Ateneans in their second assignment, to take the share of the lead alongside UST and DLSU.

After that shocking loss in their opening game, reigning titlists Lady Maroons gained their bearings after pulling off NU, 4–3. Former captain Sibug showed her true form in winning the first bout against Viray with a convincing 14–5 victory. It was a tussle from there as NU equalized every after UP victory. Veterans Sibug and Chesca Torres, with second-year Osio, took the respective wins for the last year’s queens, while Angela Loren, Badol, and Grace Garfin, pulled off for the Lady Bulldogs. In the deciding bout, first-year player Katrina Gargoles threw a last-second head kick, which broke a deadlock at 10, to lift UP past NU and over a potential 0–2 hole, to revive their title defense.

Here are the team standings at the end of an exciting Day 1:

UST 2–0
DLSU 2–0
UE 2–0
UP 1–1
NU 0–2
FEU 0–2
ADMU 0–2

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Morning Series
UAAP Women’s Taekwondo Tournament: UP vs. UE
October 13, 2015 – Blue Eagle Gym, Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City

Women’s Finweight Match (UP 0-1 UE)
Karen Celis (1-0) def. Nicoele Sibug (0-1), 9-0
Women’s Flyweight Match (UP 0-2 UE)
Francis Agojo (1-0) def. Baby Jessica Cabanal (0-1), 13-2
Women’s Bantamweight Match (UP 1-2 UE)
Stephanie Osio (1-0) def. Angie Dayag (0-1), 6-5
Women’s Featherweight Match (UP 1-3 UE)
Darlene Mae Arpon (1-0) def. KC Lozada (0-1), 11-1
Women’s Lightweight Match (UP 1-4 UE)
Nocile Ann McCann (1-0) def. Cheska Torres (0-1), 13-2
Women’s Welterweight Match (UP 2-4 UE)
Janin Marcaida (1-0) def. Jigie Jeremy Parpan (0-1), 5-1
Women’s Middle/Heavyweight Match (UP 2-5 UE)
Ysabelle Mercado (1-0) def. Katrina Gargoles (0-1), 11-8

UAAP Women’s Taekwondo Tournament: DLSU vs. NU
October 13, 2015 – Blue Eagle Gym, Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City

Women’s Finweight Match (DLSU 1-0 NU)
Cleio Banez (1-0) def. Charisse Viray (0-1), 10-8
Women’s Flyweight Match (DLSU 2-0 NU)
Lovely Jean Avancena (1-0) def. Angela Kim Loren (0-1), 8-5
Women’s Bantamweight Match (DLSU 2-1 NU)
Irish Jae Razon (1-0) def. Farah Regis (0-1), 16-13
Women’s Featherweight Match (DLSU 2-2 NU)
Shiryl Badol (1-0) def. Shanelle Romuar (0-1), 8-7
Women’s Lightweight Match (DLSU 2-3 NU)
Rheza Aragon (1-0) def. Camille Bonje (0-1), 19-15
Women’s Welterweight Match (DLSU 3-3 NU)
Paola Amon (1-0) def. Grace Oneida (0-1), 13-11
Women’s Middle/Heavyweight Match (DLSU 4-3 NU)
Gabrielle Yuchingtat (1-0) def. Rhezie Aragon (0-1), 17-5

UAAP Women’s Taekwondo Tournament: UST vs. FEU
October 13, 2015 – Blue Eagle Gym, Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City

Women’s Finweight Match (UST 0-1 FEU)
Ronnielette Balancio (1-0) def. Jamaica Karen de Guzman (0-1), 4*-4
Women’s Flyweight Match (UST 1-1 FEU)
Korina Paladin (1-0) def. Andrea Janna Lim (0-1), 4*-4
Women’s Bantamweight Match (UST 2-1 FEU)
Colleen Heria (1-0) def. Geena Mae Gadit (0-1), 5-2
Women’s Featherweight Match (UST 2-2 FEU)
Lovely Cindy Balmes (1-0) def. Zay Louise Cajes (0-1), 4-3
Women’s Lightweight Match (UST 3-2 FEU)
Nicole Cham (1-0) def. Fila Saberon (0-1), 5-1
Women’s Welterweight Match (UST 4-2 FEU)
Marjelle Sy (1-0) def. Virhannah Laica Glindo (0-1), 2-1
Women’s Middle/Heavyweight Match (UST 4-3 FEU)
Clouie Bolinas (1-0) def. Charm Ragutana (0-1), 7-3

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Afternoon Series
UAAP Women’s Taekwondo Tournament: ADMU vs. UST
October 13, 2015 – Blue Eagle Gym, Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City

Women’s Finweight Match (ADMU 0-1 UST)
Jamaica Karen de Guzman (1-1) def. Irene Bermejo (0-1), 12-9
Women’s Flyweight Match (ADMU 0-2 UST)
Korina Paladin (2-0) def. Weedee Valenzuela (0-1), 12-2
Women’s Bantamweight Match (ADMU 0-3 UST)
Colleen Heria (2-0) def. Jenevieve De Asis (0-1), 5-3
Women’s Featherweight Match (ADMU 0-4 UST)
Zay Louise Cajes (1-1) def. Camila Sta. Ana (0-1), 14-3
Women’s Lightweight Match (ADMU 0-5 UST)
Nicole Cham (2-0) def. Frances Siapno (0-1), 8-4
Women’s Welterweight Match (ADMU 0-6 UST)
Marjelle Sy (2-0) def. Arianne Agojo (0-1), 12-10
Women’s Middle/Heavyweight Match (ADMU 0-7 UST)
Charm Ragutana (1-1) def. Geraldine Mae Sandoval (0-1), 6-2

UAAP Women’s Taekwondo Tournament: NU vs. UP
October 13, 2015 – Blue Eagle Gym, Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City

Women’s Finweight Match (NU 0-1 UP)
Nicoele Sibug (1-1) def. Charisse Viray (0-2), 14-5
Women’s Flyweight Match (NU 1-1 UP)
Angela Kim Loren (1-1) def. Baby Jessica Cabanal (0-2), 12-3
Women’s Bantamweight Match (NU 1-2 UP)
Stephanie Osio (2-0) def. Irish Jae Razon (1-0), 7-5
Women’s Featherweight Match (NU 2-2 UP)
Shiryl Badol (2-0) def. KC Lozada (0-2), 13-1
Women’s Lightweight Match (NU 2-3 UP)
Cheska Torres (1-1) def. Rheza Aragon (1-1) , 4-1
Women’s Welterweight Match (NU 3-3 UP)
Grace Oneida (1-1) def. Janin Marcaida (1-1), 7-5
Women’s Middle/Heavyweight Match (NU 3-4 UP)
Katrina Gargoles (1-1) def. Rhezie Aragon (0-2), 13-10

UAAP Women’s Taekwondo Tournament: ADMU vs. UE
October 13, 2015 – Blue Eagle Gym, Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City

Women’s Finweight Match (ADMU 0-1 UE)
Karen Celis (2-0) def. Irene Bermejo (0-2), 3*-3
Women’s Flyweight Match (ADMU 0-2 UE)
Francis Agojo (2-0) def. Weedee Valenzuela (0-2), 14-11
Women’s Bantamweight Match (ADMU 0-3 UE)
Angie Dayag (1-1) def. Jenevieve De Asis (0-2), 11-5
Women’s Featherweight Match (ADMU 0-4 UE)
Darlene Mae Arpon (2-0) def. Camila Sta. Ana (0-2), 9-0
Women’s Lightweight Match (ADMU 1-4 UE)
Frances Siapno (1-1) def. Nocile Ann McCann (1-1), 12-5
Women’s Welterweight Match (ADMU 1-5 UE)
Jigie Jeremy Parpan (1-1) def. Arianne Agojo (0-2), 4-1
Women’s Middle/Heavyweight Match (ADMU 1-6 UE)
Ysabelle Mercado (2-0) def. Geraldine Mae Sandoval (0-2), 11-1

UAAP Women’s Taekwondo Tournament: FEU vs. DLSU
October 13, 2015 – Blue Eagle Gym, Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City

Women’s Finweight Match (FEU 1-0 DLSU)
Ronnielette Balancio (2-0) def. Cleio Banez (1-1), 8-5
Women’s Flyweight Match (FEU 1-1 DLSU)
Lovely Jean Avancena (2-0) def. Andrea Janna Lim (0-2), 12-3
Women’s Bantamweight Match (FEU 1-2 DLSU)
Irish Jae Razon (2-0) def. Geena Mae Gadit (0-2), 8-0
Women’s Featherweight Match (FEU 1-3 DLSU)
Shanelle Romuar (1-1) def. Lovely Cindy Balmes (1-1), 6-1
Women’s Lightweight Match (FEU 1-4 DLSU)
Camille Bonje (1-1) def. Fila Saberon (0-2), 7-0
Women’s Welterweight Match (FEU 1-5 DLSU)
Paola Amon (2-0) def. Virhannah Laica Glindo (0-2), 4-3
Women’s Middle/Heavyweight Match (FEU 1-6 DLSU)
Gabrielle Yuchingtat (2-0) def. Clouie Bolinas (1-1), 6-0



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