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Webb on reacting to critics: ‘I don’t’



As the Star Hotshots continue to make progress under head coach Jason Webb, the mentor made it clear he is not going to listen to criticism unless it’s from his team.

“I don’t. That’s it. I don’t,” Webb said, when asked about how he reacts to critics tackling why the Hotshots are supposedly struggling.

The Hotshots defeated the Phoenix Fuel Masters, 91-75, Saturday, to improve to 3-4 in the team standings. It was the first-ever winning streak for the squad under Webb, and he said he wants more “firsts” for the team.

Webb also emphasized that the Hotshots are still learning under his system, and that his players are all undergoing a process.

Asked about critics saying Ian Sangalang and Justin Melton are not living up to expectations, Webb said it would take more time before they understandably get the ideal rhythm.

Photo courtesy of PBA Images

Photo courtesy of PBA Images

“Ian (Sangalang) is coming from a bad injury. Justin (Melton) played well but for Justin, this is the first time he is a true point guard again. It is a long process,” Webb shared.

The mentor added it would be unfair for other teams if it appeared that Star are struggling, since teams in the league have gotten better.

“When we won that grand slam, it wasn’t like we ran over the teams. We were (against) .500 and .600 teams and we were just able to win big games. That is what I haven’t been able to do yet like coach Tim (Cone) who is really good in the big games, the close games,” he said.

“That grand slam (was two years ago). We don’t live in the past, we live in the present and plan for the future. And hopefully we continue to learn from that.”

Looking ahead, Webb wants his team to achieve more. It will take even more time to achieve that level and perhaps more criticism from the outside. But as far as Webb is concerned, he is not going to listen one bit.

“The only critics I have are the 15 players in a Star uniform and that team, that’s it,” Webb said.