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UAAP Season 78 Badminton Competition schedule



Are you ready for some hard-smashing action?

The University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) has released this following official schedule of this season’s badminton tournament.

Sept 1910:00 amMenNUADMU
Sept 1910:00 amMenDLSUUP
Sept 1910:00 amMenUSTUE
Sept 1910:00 amMenAdUFEU
Sept 192:30 pmWomenUPFEU
Sept 192:30 pmWomenADMUDLSU
Sept 192:30 pmWomenUSTUE
Sept 192:30 pmWomenAdUNU
Sept 208:00 amMenNUUST
Sept 208:00 amMenDLSUAdU
Sept 208:00 amMenADMUUE
Sept 208:00 amMenUPFEU
Sept 201:00 pmWomenUPUST
Sept 201:00 pmWomenADMUAdU
Sept 201:00 pmWomenFEUUE
Sept 201:00 pmWomenDLSUNU
Sept 2310:00 amMenNUUP
Sept 2310:00 amMenDLSUADMU
Sept 2310:00 amMenUSTFEU
Sept 2310:00 amMenAdUUE
Sept 232:30 pmWomenUPDLSU
Sept 232:30 pmWomenADMUFEU
Sept 232:30 pmWomenUSTNU
Sept 232:30 pmWomenAdUUE
Sept 2610:00 amMenNUAdU
Sept 2610:00 amMenDLSUUE
Sept 2610:00 amMenADMUFEU
Sept 2610:00 amMenUPUST
Sept 262:30 pmWomenUPAdU
Sept 262:30 pmWomenADMUUE
Sept 262:30 pmWomenFEUNU
Sept 262:30 pmWomenDLSUUST
Sept 278:00 amMenNUUE
Sept 278:00 amMenDLSUFEU
Sept 278:00 amMenADMUUST
Sept 278:00 amMenUPAdU
Sept 271:00 pmWomenUPUE
Sept 271:00 pmWomenADMUNU
Sept 271:00 pmWomenFEUUST
Sept 271:00 pmWomenDLSUAdU
Oct 310:00 amMenNUFEU
Oct 310:00 amMenDLSUUST
Oct 310:00 amMenADMUAdU
Oct 310:00 amMenUPUE
Oct 32:30 pmWomenUPNU
Oct 32:30 pmWomenADMUUST
Oct 32:30 pmWomenFEUAdU
Oct 42:30 pmWomenDLSUUE
Oct 48:00 amMenNUDLSU
Oct 48:00 amMenADMUUP
Oct 48:00 amMenUSTAdU
Oct 48:00 amMenUEFEU
Oct 41:00 pmWomenUPADMU
Oct 41:00 pmWomenFEUDLSU
Oct 41:00 pmWomenUSTAdU
Oct 41:00 pmWomenUENU

Will the Bulldogs continue to lord over the competition and take their three-peat this year? Will the Lady Maroons build up from their last season’s sweep and repeat as queens? Or will the challenge come and pull the rag off the reigning champions? These are the questions waiting to be answered. See you at the Rizal Memorial Badminton Hall!


Grew to appreciate various sports from tennis to judo. True-maroon kiddo since the new millennium. Fanboy. Singer. Occasional sports writer.