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2019 SEA Games

Philippines scores twin kill in SEA Games Sepak Takraw hoops



Tiebreaker Times Philippines scores twin kill in SEA Games Sepak Takraw hoops 2019 SEA Games News Sepaktakraw  Sara Jean Kalalo Philippine Women's National Sepak Takraw Team Philippine Men's National Sepak Takraw Team Metodio Suico Mary Ann Lopez Josefina Maat John Jeffrey Morcillos John Bobier Jean Marie Sucalit Jason Huerte Emmanuel Escote Deseree Autor Abigail Sinugbohan 2019 SEA Games - Sepak Takraw

SUBIC — The Men’s and Women’s National Sepak Takraw Teams of the Philippines added two gold medals to the overall haul of the host in the 30th Southeast Asian Games. 

Led by playing coach Deseree Autor, the Filipinas banked on a close 670-660 win over Indonesia before crossing their fingers for Myanmar to struggle, on their way to clinching their first-ever gold in the Hoops event.

On the other hand, the men’s side routed Laos 670-430 to equal the feat of their counterparts.

Composing the cracked men’s team are Metodio Suico, Jason Huerte, John Bobier, Emmanuel Escote, and John Jeffrey Morcillos.

Myanmar outscored Laos, 640-420, but fell 30-points shy from the hosts’ total score to settle for the bronze medal in the 30-minute sepak takraw hoop category.

Autor was joined by Josefina Maat, Sara Jean Kalalo, Jean Marie Sucalit, Mary Ann Lopez, and Abigail Sinugbohan in the country’s good pace-setting win.

The Nationals look to grab at least three gold medals out of the six events for the overall sepak takraw championship coming off a fifth-place finish in 2017 Kuala Lumpur games.

The men’s and women’s teams play in the Regu event tomorrow.

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