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Hoop Nut One on One: Kiefer Ravena or Ryan Araña?



Seven days ago, current ADMU Blue Eagle Kiefer Ravena tweeted this:

After the game, former DLSU Green Archer and current RoS Elasto Painter, Ryan Araña, saw the tweet and responded:

What everyone thought was a threat was actually an advice from Kuya Ryan:

Now the Hoop Nut tag team booked fantasy scenarios for both Araña and Ravena. It’s Kiefer Ravena and Ryan Araña in this edition of Hoop Nut One on One!

Enzo Flojo 1:47pm
So, when Ryan Araña and Kiefer Ravena meet in the PBA, who wins?

Rolly Mendoza 1:57pm
Hmmm, are we talking about basketball or something else? Because sometimes the PBA dabbles as WWE or UFC.

Enzo Flojo 2:03pm
If it’s basketball, Kief wins. If it’s a fight… Kief still wins? I mean, Araña’s go-to move is waving his towel. Just kidding!

Rolly Mendoza 2:20pm
No doubt in my mind that Kiefer will dominate Ryan Araña in basketball… However, if we’re talking about stuff outside of basketball like mind games and psyche wars, Araña might have the advantage… As for the towel wave or throw, I’m not sure where to classify that…

Enzo Flojo 2:45pm
That towel wave was… interesting. I don’t think it can be classified into anything at all! Would be interesting how the Araña – Kief match-up would be though. Kief is definitely more offensively skilled, but Araña has the edge in experience and is a lockdown defender.

Rolly Mendoza 5:24pm
Let’s not forget that there is the DLSU-ADMU angle between Araña and Ravena which would spice things up when these guys meet in the PBA… but what if they become teammates?

Enzo Flojo 5:30pm
Wow. Parang Terrence Romeo and Nico Salva?


I think IF they become teammates, Araña loses minutes to Kiefer!

Rolly Mendoza 6:36pm
Oh, it would be a surprise if Araña does NOT lose playing time to Kiefer. However, I think that Araña has the edge when it comes to making threes. Agree?

Enzo Flojo 6:37pm
Hmmmm…. I think they’re about the same.
When Kief moves up to the PBA, he should have better shooting, and he may actually be more of a PG than an SG.

Rolly Mendoza 6:47pm
I’ve heard that some PBA teams are expecting Kief to have made the transition from SG to PG after his final year in the UAAP this coming September. His size (or lack of it) will give him a tough time guarding opposing SGs in the PBA

Enzo Flojo 9:01pm
Kief really has to shift to PG. Parang kung anong ginawa ni Paul Lee. Otherwise, he’ll just be in too many mismatches on the wings in the PBA. If Kief can do this successfully, then no amount of towel-waving from Araña can dampen his game.

Rolly Mendoza 9:21pm
I just wonder how much of a mentality or philosophical shift does Kiefer need to adapt into his game. He took numerous shots with the Ateneo Blue Eagles and passing wasn’t always his first option.

Enzo Flojo 9:25pm
A huge shift. We should see a little bit of it in SEABA, the SEA Games, and the UAAP this year. And then when he joins the 2016 PBA Draft, that’s when the magic begins… and Ryan Araña starts to tremble.

Kiefer Ravena or Ryan Araña?? Sound-off in our Comments Section

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