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Hoop Nut One on One: Ginebra’s Addiction to Change



Last week was a crazy week for Ginebra fans. Here are the Hoop Nut tag team’s reaction to each of the trades and signings the Gin Kings did in REAL TIME!

April 4, 2015
Enzo Flojo 11:30amTiebreaker Times Hoop Nut One on One: Ginebra's Addiction to Change
Ginebra just traded James Forrester and Dylan Ababou to Barako Bull for their 2015 first round draft pick. They also just sacked Ato Agustin in favor of Frankie Lim. I think this is sooo Ginebra, which is to say they remain the most schizophrenic team in the league.

Rolly Mendoza 11:48am
This trade might do wonders for Ginebra assuming they pick the perfect player. It’s too bad Forrester and Ababou got buried on their bench because they might have been able to help if they were given minutes.

Anyway, I think Ginebra should have traded players who actually play and not benchwarmers.

Enzo Flojo 12:22pm
I think one of the underlying issues here is that, like you said, quality players get buried on the bench, especially for teams as stacked as Ginebra. It’s a natural consequence of a team/conglomerate hoarding talent and not finding ways to use the talent effectively. Sayang talaga, but I hope both Forrester and Ababou can find renewal in their new team.

Tiebreaker Times Hoop Nut One on One: Ginebra's Addiction to Change

Rayray Parks to Ginebra?

As for Ginebra’s pick, I think they could go as high as #1 and perhaps the lowest is #3. My top choices here are Moala Tautuaa, Troy Rosario, and Ray Parks (not necessarily in that order). Any of those guys would give the Gin Kings a boost, though Parks, being a wingman who can plug Ginebra’s weakness at the 3 spot, looks to be the best fit. A solid PG like Scottie Thompson or even Roi Sumang may also be considered.

Rolly Mendoza 12:47pm
The trade could work both ways as long as Ababou and Forrester get to play and contribute for Barako. They make that team deeper. As for the Gin Kings, an infusion of new and young talent would definitely help. Ginebra needs passion, fire and hunger which raw rookies can provide.

You mentioned a couple of very good and solid bigs like Tautuaa and Rosario who can become immediate impacts for almost any team. However, I don’t think they can help Ginebra unless they unload Japeth since Greg is definitely their best player. Parks or Thompson or Sumang would be better choices to fill their small forward and backcourt needs. To make this work, more rotational players need to sit or get traded/released.

Enzo Flojo 2:26pm
In that case, who would you ship out? I say there are just too many guards. Ship out two out of the following: Jayjay Helterbrand, Emman Monfort, Josh Urbiztondo, and Joseph Yeo. Maybe in exchange for two more picks (2nd round 2015 and 1st round 2016)? I say Dorian Pena is also maybe too old already (don’t tell him I said that because he might just sit on me).

Rolly Mendoza 3:36pm
I believe we talked about something like this earlier in the year [READ: How to Fix Ginebra]. My idea is to ship either Helterbrand or Caguioa. I know they did a lot of things for the Barangay before, but they haven’t been as productive and as effective. It’s time that they move on so that new faces can bolster this lineup.

They should consider trading Japeth too if they are planning to draft a big man. As for their PG, Tenorio might be a good candidate to move as well. Heck, there were rumors already that Stanley Pringle for Tenorio was a possibility. I hope GlobalPort does NOT agree to that.

Tiebreaker Times Hoop Nut One on One: Ginebra's Addiction to Change    Don’t you find it funny that Joseph Yeo said that the San Miguel Beermen played “larong mayaman” but that mentality might be creeping into the Ginebra locker room? Plus, SMB won a championship without Yeo.

April 5, 2015
Enzo Flojo 3:43pm
Yeah, Yeo spewing what turned out to be really ironic words right there. Wait, are you saying Ginebra should part ways with Caguioa?! That’s like Purefoods without Yap or Ping. Like the Lakers without Kobe, or Minnesota without KG — oh wait, that did happen.

Don’t think Ginebra will ship out Caguioa even if the apocalypse happens. They would be crucified by their fans, for sure. The Japeth thing is intriguing because he doesn’t fit perfectly in a Ginebra team that gets big imports every time it’s the Commish Cup. Trade him for another first round pick, and that could work wonders for this team. It would also make room for Troy Rosario or any other marquee big man to fit in.

Having said that, I’m more concerned about these constant coaching changes for Ginebra. For me, dapat patient lang sila. I doubt if Frankie Lim can win a title in his first, second, or even third conference with this team. These things take time, and the franchise just has to be patient.

Rolly Mendoza 5:09pm
You’re probably right that Ginebra won’t trade Caguioa, but they should really explore unloading Helterbrand and/or Aguilar for players who can be utilized more.

Tiebreaker Times Hoop Nut One on One: Ginebra's Addiction to Change    I guess the roster also depends on the system that new coach Frankie Lim will employ. Tama ka na dapat patient ang management ng Ginebra. They’re also to blame for changing coaches way too early. Medyo unreasonable kasi to ask for a championship kaagad.

Enzo Flojo 6:04pm
The thing is, Ginebra being Ginebra, the expectations, by default, are unreasonable. Every game, every conference, feels like Ginebra is swimming in desperation, kaya puro desperate measures din ginagawa nila. Dapat siguro nagpatalo na lang sila sa Commish Cup ng todo para yung import nila sa Govs’ Cup sobrang laki tapos pwede pang kumuha ng Asian import. Yun sana mas ok. One step back, three steps forward.

Rolly Mendoza 10:58pm
Ah, interesting take on tanking to get a bigger import for the Governor’s Cup. However, they need a productive wingman (you mentioned this too) instead of a low post presence.

In any case, I think the fans need to preach patience to each other so that management does not panic and make hasty changes. In summary, Ginebra fans need to take it easy and just hope for the best. Too much pressure to win immediately ain’t helping the Gin Kings.

April 6, 2015
Enzo Flojo 5:09pmTiebreaker Times Hoop Nut One on One: Ginebra's Addiction to Change
Wait wait wait!!! This just in what about Ginebra dealing away Billy Mamaril for Dave Marcelo?!

Rolly Mendoza 7:11pm
Hmmm the Gin Kings swapped a tough and defensive-minded Mamaril for someone who can sometimes hit an outside shot. Marcelo is a better scorer and if he gets to play, he should be able to spread the floor.

Enzo Flojo 8:12pm
That’s the key e. Mamaril’s minutes went down. I don’t really see Marcelo playing a lot, but because he used to play for Lim, malay natin haha

Rolly Mendoza 8:17pm
Maybe Coach Lim likes the intangibles that Marcelo brings and he can play within whatever system Ginebra will operate with next conference. I like that Ginebra is tweaking the roster but they need to trade someone who plays more minutes.

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 Tiebreaker Times Hoop Nut One on One: Ginebra's Addiction to Change     Tiebreaker Times Hoop Nut One on One: Ginebra's Addiction to Change     Tiebreaker Times Hoop Nut One on One: Ginebra's Addiction to Change


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