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Flamboyant Dy thrashes Mosquera; Team Lakay’s Iniong, Corton impress



“Dy Incredible” Rolando Dy looked comfortable in his featherweight debut and Team Lakay’s John Cris Corton impressed in his unanimous decision win.

However, it was the darling of Philippine mixed martial arts Gina Iniong that left the crowd in awe after a thrilling submission win to close-out the undercard of PXC 51.

John Cris Corton vs. Farmon Gafarov

After an impressive win in PXC 48 against Rufino Mante, John Cris Corton’s “Happy Feet” was in full display against iron-chinned Farmon Gafarov that led to an impressive unanimous decision win.

Corton immediately displayed his bread-and-butter to open the match as a flurry of head kicks and leg kicks were thrown against Gafarov to open the match. Midway through the round, Gafarov was able to keep pace with the Team Lakay standout with his counter-punching that slowed Corton for a bit. Corton then went on with a flurry to close out the round but as the blows connected, Gafarov just shrugged it off. The Uzbek closed the round with a guillotine attempt just as the bell sounded to close out the round.

“Happy Feet” focused on the body of Gafarov to open the second round with kicks but a third attempt to connect was caught by Gafarov that paved the way for an overhand right. Corton then showed another facet to his arsenal in securing a takedown with 1:23 remaining in the round. The Team Lakay fighter tried a guillotine choke attempt of his own to close out the round but the Uzbek was able to break free after a short struggle.

In the final round, a thudding leg kick by Corton resonated in the ballroom much to the delight of the crowd. Another head kick connected but Gafarov was just as tough as nails. JC then went on for a takedown right into mount with 1:27 left and rained elbows and punches. Corton tried to finish the fight with a rear naked choke attempt but time did not allow it.

Corton swept the cards with a 30-27 across the board scores. The Team Lakay fighter extends his win streak to four fights and is now 4-2 while Gafarov suffered his first career loss and is now 3-1.

Rolando Dy vs. Miguel Mosquera

Tiebreaker Times Flamboyant Dy thrashes Mosquera; Team Lakay's Iniong, Corton impress    Rolando Gabriel Dy was as confident as ever going into the bout. He made the featherweight limit with ease while his opponent is coming off a two-year layoff. Dy pretty much dominated Mosquera to break his two-fight funk.

An advanced striker, Dy went for kicks to stymie the ground game of Atos Jiu Jitsu and Submission Sports fighter Miguel Mosquera. Mosquera tried to close in the distance all throughout the bout by cornering Dy but almost immediately was reversed by the underhooks of “Dy Incredible.”

In the second round, Moquera was able to take Dy down as he dragged his opponent to the ground but could not take advantage of it as Dy was able to spring back up immediately. A jab and high kick combination by Dy followed and a huge body kick by the son of former boxing great Rolando Navarette crumbled his opponent to the mat as the bell sounded. As the two fighters were separated for the third round interval, Dy taunted Mosquera on the way to his corner while Mosquera could only crawl back to his stool.

Knowing that this match is in the bag, Dy let his guard down and taunted Mosquera for the majority of the third round. Loose kicks by Dy were thrown while a a flurry of punches and knees connected for Dy to close-out the match.

Without any doubt, Rolando Dy swept all the scorecards 30-27 for the unanimous decision win to give Mosquera his first pro loss. However, a wave of boos showered Dy from the large contingent of Submission Sports fighters in attendance that included BJJ world champion Meggie Ochoa and prospect Gelli Bulaong. Dy though apologized for his antics in saying, “humihingi ako ng paumanhin sa ginawa ko. Mahal ko si Mosquera,” Dy said after the bout. “Ginagawa ko lang ito para mapunta sa comfort zone ko.”

He then added that he will stay at bantamweight for the time-being. “Madali lang weight-cut ko ngayon. Ngayon, nakakakain na ako ng lechon hindi tulad sa 135,” he quipped.

Gina Iniong vs. Vanessa Fernandez

Tiebreaker Times Flamboyant Dy thrashes Mosquera; Team Lakay's Iniong, Corton impress    If there was a star of the night, it was Team Lakay’s Gina Iniong. Iniong was crushed both physically and emotionally during PXC 46 after falling to a much stronger Casey Suire.

Iniong bounced back big time Saturday evening with a huge come-from-behind win against Spaniard Vanessa Fernandez to the delight of the people in attendance at Solaire Grand Ballroom.

“Conviction” was able to clip the Spaniard early that sent Fernandez to the corner. As Fernandez dropped, the Spaniard was able to grip both the body and the neck of Iniong for a huge fireman’s carry takedown and was able to gain side control all in one motion. Fernandez tried to move positions but the Team Lakay fighter immediately grabbed the foot of the Spaniard with 3:40 to go. Iniong tried desperately to secure the foot lock and after 30 seconds was able to lock it in properly. At the 3:04 mark, Fernandez had no other recourse but to tap out.

“Tinry ko lang po yun,” an overjoyed Iniong shared. “Nagulat ako nung nabato niya ako, isip ko ang gaan ko naman. Pero nung nakuha ko yung opportunity sa leg lock ginawa ko na kaagad.”

Iniong’s prizefighting record now stands at 3-2 while Fernandez falls to 2-2.

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