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Contrasting finish: NU Bulldogs lands fourth, Lady Bulldogs lands sixth in first round



Having both fallen short of the Final Four last season, the National University men’s and women’s teams were more determined than ever to make their dreams a reality. Sadly, as the dust settled on the first round, it looked like only one of them would make it.



Taking to the tables raring to make their dream a reality, the NU Bulldogs started off strong with arms (literally) at the ready. Beginning a roller coaster ride of alternate wins and losses, the Bulldogs faced University of the East as their first opponent, more than eager to prove their worth. Happily for them, they were able to overwhelm UE’s defense who, despite holding their ground admirably, eventually lost, 3-2.

Their celebration would be short, as a resurgent De La Salle University squad quashed them, 3-1. Despite this, the Bulldogs would beat Ateneo de Manila University 3-0, only to, yet again, taste defeat immediately after at the hands of the Far Eastern University.

The Bulldogs began the 2nd and last day of round one sweeping top-seeded UST 3-0 only to taste dirt afterwards against UP, 1-3. The Bulldogs then succeed in routing AdU via 3-0 sweep to end with a 4-3 record.


Lady Bulldogs

While their male counterparts succeeded in making the dream of entering the final four into reality, the Lady Bulldogs clearly struggled as they plummeted to sixth. Despite starting against AdU through a hard-fought 3-2 victory, the Lady Bulldogs experienced successive defeats at the hands on incumbent champions DLSU Lady Paddlers and the UE Lady Paddlers. The Lady Bulldogs then bounced back against the UST Lady Paddlers to cap off the first day with a victory.

The second day, however, brought only hardship for the Lady Bulldogs, as they were only able to notch a single victory against ADMU. The win, however, proved hollow; despite standing strong, they ultimately lost to UP and FEU.

With a 4-3 standing at the end of the first round, the NU Bulldogs now sit 4th, while the Lady Bulldogs sadly dove to sixth.

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