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Beach Volleyball Day 4: FEU Tamaraws



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9:25 Golden Spikers dominate Tams in men’s beach volleyball tournament

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Last year’s runner-ups UST, featuring Mike Alfarara and Kris Roy Guzman,  renewed their bid for the season 77 men’s beach volleyball crown after edging out the FEU Tamaraws in two sets, 21-18, and 21-12.

A fiery first half saw the two squads exchange spike after spike. However, it was the Thomasians who hold on to the take home the set. The second set would also see another fiery exchange, but with  FEU’s Gregorio Dolor and Riko Marmieto unable to force UST to errors, the Tigers would prevail, 21-12.

UST: 6 – 0
FEU: 3 – 2

Aggregate score: UST- 42, FEU-30

Total match time: 38 mins.



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