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UAAP aims for broader coverage for sports this season



In an effort to improve league popularity, the UAAP, partnered with ABS-CBN, have taken steps that aim to benefit the league as a whole, as well as all the student-athletes.

In the recently concluded UAAP press conference for Season 78, the new basketball commissioner, Attorney Rebo Saguisag, discussed the new rules and policies for the upcoming tournament. One important policy that he believes will be beneficial to the league is the adoption of the FIBA rules.

Philippine Sports News - Tiebreaker Times UAAP aims for broader coverage for sports this season

“Whatever came up in the FIBA (rules), we’ve already adopted. It’s a move towards incorporating us with FIBA and solidifying our house rules,” shared Atty. Saguisag.

Meanwhile, Ateneo Board Representative, Em Fernandez shared that change of the UAAP opening from July to September is a necessity the league had to make, since more and more schools are adopting the international school calendar.

“I think the tide is turning where more schools are shifting to August opening, so we have to make the shift as well.”

For the other sports, the UAAP board stressed their commitment to promoting the other sports. They shared how they plan on increasing the popularity of the other sports, not just basketball and volleyball.

“We just signed a new contract with ABS-CBN, and part of the discussions with the network is to promote the other sports. So in the next five years you’ll see an increase in coverage of other sports, hopefully to reach the stature of basketball and volleyball. Last year I’m sure you know that there were more sports that were covered like football and baseball. Hopefully in the future ABS-CBN will increase the coverage of the other sports mentioned.”

One of the biggest announcement during the press conference was ABS-CBN announcing that they will be launching a new sports show for this UAAP season entitled: UAAP Upfront.

Hosted by UP women’s basketball team captain Bea Daez, former DLSU Lady Booter Natasha Alquiros, blogger Janeena Chan, as well as Addie Manzano, UAAP Upfront will be ABS-CBN’s avenue to promote the different sports and athletes in the UAAP.

Philippine Sports News - Tiebreaker Times UAAP aims for broader coverage for sports this season

“We’ve been partnering with the UAAP for the past 15 years. Their vote of confidence and affirmation for the next five years gives us the role to promote not just the sport of basketball. We want to think that anybody in this room has in their heart to promote sports in general. We are building some wrap-around programs to expand the highlights of the other sports that are played in the UAAP. It’s high-time for the athletes in these other categories to have their 15 minutes of fame.”

With the Philippines, a country known to be basketball-crazy, now embracing other sports like volleyball and football, the UAAP hopes that through programs like UAAP Upfront, Filipinos will also learn to appreciate and love all the other sports in the league.