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Adamson ends 2nd round at 2-5, season record at 5-9



Adamson University would finish with two wins and five losses after the second round at 2-5, one win less than their first round record of 3-4.

AdU vs FEU (1-0)

The opening encounter for both Adamson and FEU would prove to be a hot one. Both of the first two opening singles matches would go to the FEU paddlers, but the Adamsonians would manage to bounce back in the third and fourth matches. A narrow 3-2 victory by Adamson’s Tatoss over FEU’s de Guzman would eventually give Adamson the win over the school from Morayta to open the day.

AdU vs UE (1-1)

The second matchup between Adamson and UE would end on a very different note from their previous outing. Victories from Kim Ramos, Pam Vasquez, Serge Venoya, and Vincent Soriano in only four matches would easily give the edge to the paddlers representing the host school.

AdU vs. UST (1-2)

Despite a victory from Rarama in the first match, the next three matches would all go to UST paddlers, with scores of 3-1, 3-0, and 3-0. The loss would be Adamson’s second straight for the day after opening the day on a high note.

AdU vs. DLSU (1-3)

The Falcons’ slump would only continue in the afternoon. The paddlers from Taft would prevail in the first two matches, and would only need one more to close out the encounter. Adamson would however manage to take the doubles match to renew their bid, but La Salle would prevail in the fourth set to secure the point.

AdU vs UP (1-4)

Adamson would bow to UP once more, with UP’s De Jesus, Borja, Eludo, and Lamayan all bagging victories in the first three matches to seal the win.

AdU vs. ADMU (2-4)

Masterful performances from Tortosa and Rarama would give Adamson the victory in the first two matches, but victories from Ateneo’s Dayao and Lao in the doubles match and Crisostomo in the fourth match would force a fifth match. Adamson’s Enal however would manage to take the fifth match, 3-1, to put an end to the Adamson slump.

Adu vs NU (2-5)

The first two matches would be split by NU and Adamson, with NU’s Manuel prevailing in the first and Adamson’s Rarama in the second. The third and fourth matches however would go to the Bulldogs, with the duo of Villmaor and Villalon bagging the doubles match and Misal dominating the fourth match to secure the victory for National U.